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Palestinian education is another area of ​​conflict – Middle East Monitor

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In an unprecedented development, Israeli occupation authorities are working to adopt dangerous policies regarding the education of Palestinian children and youth, especially in occupied Jerusalem. The intention is to undermine the Palestinian character and identity by imposing an Israeli curriculum on Arab schools in the occupied cities. After being unsuccessfully persuaded to do so, they are being pressured to adopt the Israeli narrative and eliminate their Palestinian identity. The Israeli Ministry of Education has revoked the licenses of her six schools in East Jerusalem over the occupation government’s attempts to interfere in Palestinian internal affairs.

This is unacceptable. It is immoral and must be condemned. The license is said to be renewed only when everything related to Palestinian identity is removed from the Palestinian curriculum. It is a declaration of war against a civilization that has existed for centuries. It seeks to obliterate all forms of meaningful Palestinian presence in Palestinian schools in occupied cities.

This all stems from the conflict in Israel, where the far right dominates the electoral issue ahead of the upcoming general elections. Extremists want to dictate the Israeli story by force and erase Palestinian identity, personality and presence. The withdrawal of the license to operate a school known for its professionalism and patriotism suggests that the institution has indeed fulfilled its mission since the occupation took control of Jerusalem. If not, why were they closed? is a violation.

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These racist schemes aren’t really new. Israeli occupation governments have made such attempts almost every year, but they distort the Palestinian memory and cannot replace it with the story of Israel. not. These racist pressures will fail because they go against the steadfastness of schools, parents and students to continue to defend their legitimate rights.

In this regard, I really appreciate the firm and established position of the school, which has already rejected all of Israel’s liquidation projects and declared itself to stick to its due rights. We also thank our students and parents for their commitment to the Palestinian curriculum. This is very important and will serve as a referendum on the Israeli curriculum and a refusal to recognize any form of Palestinian identity.

Jerusalem has always been united in the face of delusional Israeli plans and remains united today in the face of these repressive measures. All Palestinian residents of the occupied city are united in the face of Israeli attempts to target the identity of the city and its inhabitants. Such attempts include illegal settlement, land confiscation, house demolition, arrest, persecution, and attacks on Muslim and Christian sanctuaries. These actions are consistent with an attempt to erase the growing Palestinian consciousness, which, if continued, will ultimately have dire consequences, with ramifications throughout the conflict area.

Translated from Arabi21, 31 July 2022

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