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Pac-12 Media Day 2022: Conference Reorganization, Lincoln Riley Debuts at USC in a Notable Story

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The nickname for Pac-12 is “Conference of Champions,” but a more appropriate term for the 2022 league might be “Conference of Uncertainty.” Commissioner George Kliavkoff and representatives of the league’s 12 football teams are preparing to be in the spotlight on Friday’s Pac-12 Media Day, raising questions about the future of the meeting that follows.

With the biggest brands like Oregon, USC and Washington welcoming new coaches, there’s a lot of discussion about what’s ahead in the field this season. However, as Trojan horses and cross-town rival UCLA are set to depart for Big Ten in 2024, the meeting will be clouded in preparation for the impact of losing the two most valuable members. Is on.

Pac-12 is at a turning point as the gap in field success between revenue and Big Ten and the SEC is widening. Will we be able to rally by producing the College Football Playoff team for the first time since the 2016 season, or will we continue to follow the path of television networks and struggle for relevance in the changing landscape of the country?

These big picture issues are very close at the Friday event, but there are some lighter topics to discuss. With half of the league’s teams likely to start quarterback transfers, the Pac-12 could be lined up in 2022 to infuse an aggressive life in a fun way.

Regardless of what’s happening inside or outside the field, the Pac-12 can usually be expected to offer interesting products, especially during midnight Saturday hours. As you get closer to Shenanigan on these fields, take a look at the big questions that go into Friday’s Media Day event.

Clear Fukov Moment

For more than a year after entering the world of college athletics from a career in the entertainment industry, all eyes are on Kleifkov, who has faced tremendous challenges. A year ago, the Big 12 was upset after losing Oklahoma and Texas, but the Pac-12 seemed relatively stable, but was probably in a position to expand.

Now, after snorting at last year’s expansion, the Pac-12 lost its heights in the reorganization battle of the conference, and its leaders need to confidently clarify their vision for the future. The Pac-12 is already suffering from poor performance in the field and struggles with TV networks.Now, when the Bruins and Trojans are preparing to depart, and with other member schools Also targeted –Pac-12 seems to be at risk of further decline due to its relevance in the sports world of the new university.

With the exception of Friday’s expansion or the announcement of some unexpected bombs on media rights agreements, few Kleifkovs can be said to calm the frustration of left-behind schools. But as a relatively new commissioner, he faces the question of where the league is going from here, so at least being ready and confident can stabilize the ship.

There is no more department

Expect coaches to ask questions about the league’s decision to abolish the old form of division winners’ meetings in the championship game. Instead, the two Pac-12 teams with the highest league win percentages will be squared in the title game.

The decision is similar to the ACC decision, and Kleifkov states that the goal is to “optimize the CFP invitation and ultimately win the national championship.” But are all coaches on board? In some programs without the hope of a realistic national title, the ability to claim division titles and appear in the League Championship Game provided achievable aspirations that could be compromised by changes.

But in the end, it’s hard to find mistakes in the meeting because we’ve done everything we can to improve the country’s profile.

Lincoln Riley’s debut

Knocking USC’s adoption of Lincoln Riley from the top storyline on Media Day required massive news, and the looming reorganization did the trick. Still, Riley spent his first two seasons as a Trojan horse coach on the Pac-12 and hopes the program will soon be competing for the league title.

Can USC claim the Pac-12 title during a short stay at the conference? There is no doubt that Riley will be one of Friday’s major attractions, especially given how he created his first roster. With significant transfers, including former Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams and former Pittsburgh star receiver Jordan Addison, it’s clear that Riley will be a major beneficiary of the relaxed transfer rules for college football. As a result, he can be plagued with questions about transfer recruitment, tampering, NIL, and other major issues in college sports.

Speaking of Williams, he is one of the USC player representatives on Friday and one of the two transfer quarterbacks that will be part of Pac-12 Media Day.

Hello, come word

Comeward, Washington is another transfer quarterback in the league participating in Pacific-12 Media Day, for good reason. The Inkerner Teward transfer passed with 4,648 yards and 47 touchdowns last season and will play on the familiar system as former UIC head coach Eric Morris is now the WSU attack coordinator. The jump from FCS to the Power Five competition is considerable, but Ward’s prolific for the FCS playoff team suggests he can handle the transition.

Expectations for Cougars seem to be silent when Jake Dickert embarks on his first full season as head coach after taking over in the middle of last season. However, the aggressive philosophy he introduces through Morris and Ward can cause havoc in the conference. The decision to have Ward represent WSU demonstrates Dickert’s confidence in his new QB. And it will be fun to see how they treat the spotlight of the media.

Dan Lanning’s shining time

Another person to get media attention on Friday is Dan Lanning. Oregon’s 36-year-old first-year coach has been abandoned deepest to take on one of the best jobs on the West Coast, following a spectacular run as Georgia’s defense coordinator.

This is Lanning’s first head coach gig, and it’s a constantly high-expected program as the ducks appear in the Pac-12 title game three times in a row under former coach Mario Cristobal. Not only is Lanning navigating all inside and outside of becoming the first coach at school with high expectations, but he may also be faced with some big picture questions about the entire program.

What happens to Oregon with the reduced Pac-12 as UCLA and USC head towards the exit? Welcome to the rank of head coach, Dan!

I’d like a confession agent

What do school coaches who drop out think about moving? Certainly, joining Big Ten will increase the budget for the UCLA and USC athletic clubs. However, from the coach’s point of view, this change presents some obvious competitive challenges. As with logistics, winning the Big Ten will be very difficult for Bruins and Trojans. Both programs may require multiple cross-country flights per season, and the coach who said it’s perfectly fine is probably lying.

Riley and UCLA’s Chip Kelly will probably smile and recite the official company’s words about how great an opportunity to join the Big Ten is. While student athletes are visiting Rutgers, you may even hear how wonderfully rich it is to experience the cultural atmosphere of Piscataway, NJ.

But after all, both coaches signed up for the Pac-12 coach instead of the Big Ten, so it’s interesting to see if there’s any fundamental frustration with the move, even in front of the camera. .. Passive tone.