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Outlyer Ent., co-owned by Emmanuel Kelly, Preps Industry Standards

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Outlyer Entertainment is an entertainment business with many obstacles and is ready to make waves. The company, part of The Outlyer Group, founded in 2022 by singer-actor Emmanuel Kelly and Tim Lucas Allen, aims to create an industry certification for filmmaking, ensuring the lowest level of discrimination. We aim to achieve a new industry standard for automation. Talented cast and crew hired for each production.

Kelly, who will be performing at the Locarno Festival, will join Sunday’s panel on Disability and Inclusion in the Audiovisual Industry to explain the criteria in more detail. Moderated by Daniel Turkoff and streamed live on the festival website, the discussion explored the rich new possibilities of inclusion by discussing the experiences of those working in the audiovisual industry, which are commonly seen as obstacles. increase.

The company will also begin production on its first feature film in September of this year, with 25% of the production crew and over 35% of the cast to be made up of talented individuals with various disabilities.

Outlyer has also developed a management division dedicated to representing talent in the music and film industry.

“And maybe wider than that,” said Lucas Allen varietyWe point out that while the company is thinking big, we want our clients to do the same. All the while repeating the mantra ‘Make the world possible in another way’. ”

“Part of the strategy here is to make sure the writers and directors don’t think about you because you have a disability, but because you’re right for the part. That’s very important,” he said. said.

“There are a lot of invisible obstacles. [but] They are reluctant to talk about having them because they are concerned that it will affect their careers. ”

He said change is happening, but it’s also slow. A certain Troy Cosser’s performance was rated.

“What happened to Troy was great. But there really is no movement for the disabled. [even though]As Emmanuel says, the disabled community is the most diverse in the world. everyone is a part of it. ”

Kelly was found as an infant in a box on the Iraqi border battlefield. Raised in an orphanage in Baghdad, he was brought to Australia by humanitarian Moira Kelly and became an Australian X-Factor sensation. Since then, he has performed with many artists, including Coldplay.

“He ended up being very good friends with Chris Martin, and Chris was a real mentor.” Martin now heads Outlyer’s advisory board.

“Emmanuel doesn’t like the word ‘disabled’ and feels helpless. There are a lot of people who feel it’s the right word for them, but it’s not for him,” Allen said. increase.

“He feels the entertainment industry is lagging behind in this element of inclusivity. There is still much work to be done, especially for people of varying abilities. He experienced this firsthand when he said: “Look, we love you. You have a great voice and know how to sing, but we have a problem with your looks.” .”

While the company wants to create a movement and educate people, it’s also important to raise the bar for inclusiveness in physical environments, including film festivals.

“We want to go see them all, talk about everything we do, and engage people to get more involved in our principles,” Allen adds. Note that it is not “easy to win”.

“Accessibility is the last focus or box to check. At Cannes, people with disabilities are not considered at all. Emanuel [who has a prosthetic leg] When I went to the panel, there was another guy in a wheelchair to be on the panel with him. And then there were the bloody steps leading up to the stage. They didn’t even set up ramps for the guys. ”

“We want to be a company that creates opportunities and jobs and seeks to end stigma for people with disabilities. And we need support within the industry to build these opportunities.” is,” he sums up.

“We have a mission and it’s a difficult mission. But it’s also really exciting.”