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Our Founding Documents Solve Culture Wars, Readers Say

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The centuries-old Declaration of Independence, housed in Washington’s National Archives, had mixed reactions to the various tourists we interviewed on June 27, 2016. Some have traveled hundreds of miles to see the document. For some it was a humbling experience. For others, it was a reminder of how far the United States has come and still has to go when it comes to equality.

U.S. National Archives

In the United States

Women can have abortions in America.

Homosexuals marry in America.

LGBTQ people get all the human rights they enjoy in America.

Our culture war is not liberal vs conservative. They were Americans vs. non-Americans and were resolved at our inauguration. , the pursuit of freedom and happiness. ”

These rights are also clearly enshrined in the Constitution and their purpose is to: . . Promote general welfare and ensure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. ”

These culture war issues were resolved in 1776, with a “total cessation” in 1787. All that remains is to live true to who we profess to be Americans.

It’s as plain as Constitution Day.

Glenn Boylston, Bluffton

save the butterflies

Island Packet published a recent article on the plight of the proposed endangered monarch butterfly and suggested how readers can help. Plant milkweed and stop using pesticides.

All butterfly species are in short supply in Hilton Head and bird numbers are declining. One of the main reasons is the overuse of pesticides that kill beneficial weeds and insects.

Caterpillars are butterflies and moth babies. Birds eat insects for fat and protein, especially during nesting season, and bees, wasps, and other insects pollinate half of the food we eat.

Toxic pesticides wash into nearby fresh and saltwater, harming all living things there.

why no one asks? making rules? What is the city in question? our environmental group? You are?

Residents can help butterflies by managing their properties and tolerating the beneficial bugs we rely on.

Tell your landscaping company to stop using toxic pesticides. That one action of hers will help save the monarch butterfly and all the other butterflies that are missing. Then buy neonics-free milkweed seeds or plants.

debbie boots hilton head

No Smoking

As you sit on Islanders Beach enjoying the fresh air, someone downwind lights a cigar or cigarette and the smoke envelops you.

Now that Tybee Island has enacted a no-smoking policy on its beaches, isn’t it time for Hilton Head to follow suit?

Robert Muniz, Hilton Head


The Supreme Court must be expanded to protect our reproductive freedom.

The 2021 Judiciary Act adds four new seats to the Supreme Court, increases the number of judges to 13, and helps restore balance in a court that just dismantled abortion care in America.

I ask Congress to pass justice laws so we can move away from partisan politics and create an institution that represents the good of all Americans.

Teresa Dearie, Bluffton