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Opinion | Youngkin's Cultural War is good for him, but bad for Virginia's business

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Democrat Don L. Scott Jr. represents Virginia State Delegate Portsmouth, who is a minority leader.

Thanks to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s leadership, Virginia is no longer the best state to do business in the United States.

CNBC’s 2022 list of “America’s Top Business States” ranked Virginia third after North Carolina and Washington. Early in his tenure, the governor was able to defeat Virginia from first place in an unprecedented consecutive ranking under Democratic leadership. In 2021, in a democratic “trifector,” Virginia maintained its number one position, raising the Commonwealth to 27th in Oxfam’s report on the best states for workers. Democrats know that working Virginia for the people is good for business. Unfortunately, Yongkin’s president’s desire is not to build an economy or support working Virginians, but to laser focus the governor on the issue of cultural warfare, which is often voted among key Republican voters in Iowa. I kept letting you. As CNBC’s business rankings emphasize, leadership that makes Virginia an unwelcome place for workers also makes Virginia less welcome to business.

As governor, Yongkin’s top priority is to eliminate fairness from the state government, and businesses are paying attention. One of his first duties was to literally remove the word “fairness” from the governor’s office of diversity, fairness and inclusiveness. He began establishing state-wide snitch lines for teachers who recognize race and racism. Yongkin acted when Yongkin’s appointed health commissioner denied the impact of structural racism on the health inequalities between infants and mothers and argued that discussing racism “alienated whites.” Refused to wake up. This spring, with overwhelming bipartisan support, Yongkin rejected a bill to study business inequality that had previously passed the General Assembly. It’s no wonder that Virginia’s score in CNBC’s “Life, Health, Inclusion” category plummeted between 2021 and 2022. Even Lego planned to invest $ 1 billion in a new plant in Chesterfield. — Recently, anxiety about Yongkin’s attitude toward racial equality has become apparent.

Second, whether unprepared Yongkin miscits the Virginia Constitution and acts to systematize the protection of same-sex marriage because of the threat of the existence of the right to marriage at the federal level. I refused to say that and appeared on national television. He shows on record that he does not personally support same-sex marriage. Another by-product of buying anti-LGBTQ hysteria is that it’s bad for the economy. Last year, nearly 300 state-owned enterprises signed a statement warning that anti-LGBTQ legislation would affect the states that make investment decisions. Nonetheless, all the signs are that Youngkin is a Virginia citizen and Virginia’s economy. So it’s no wonder that “economy” was another CNBC category whose score in Virginia has dropped since Yongkin took office.

Virginia also lost height in 2022, resulting in a lower “labor force” score. In addition to publicly criticizing the community college system and cutting $ 20 million from its predecessor G3 “Get a Skill, Get a Job, Get Ahead” workforce development program, Youngkin attacked Virginia’s workforce. Threatened the autonomy of the body. Women are getting a lot of attention.A few days after the Supreme Court was overturned Roe v. WadeYoungkin has introduced a budget revision to prevent low-income Virginians from accessing abortion treatment, even with the most serious fetal diagnosis. The governor proposed a new abortion ban, saying, ” [his] The “desk” limits reproductive freedom. My caucuses in Congress work with Virginia organizers and activists to protect past advances in reproductive rights, while Democratic governors in other states work as Yongkin wants. I am looking for a company from a state that limits the physical autonomy of its members.

The Democratic Party has handed over Yongkin’s record surplus and booming economy. Six months later, our growth is stagnant as companies reconsider whether to invest in a state where the governor is willing to alienate the workforce and reimburse infrastructure and education systems. The problem with Yongkin’s backward social agenda is that his position is cruel and out of step with the will of most Virginians. It is simply a natural consequence that our economy and public reputation suffer from consequences. But the governor isn’t so interested in Virginia, so he doesn’t really care what happens to the Virginia people and their economy. His gaze is on the White House.