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O-Line Moves, DB Watch, Scully and Fencik, where to draw the line, and other bear bullets

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Hello everyone. A very pleasant good morning wherever you are.

I miss legendary broadcaster Vin Scully, who passed away on Tuesday.

  • Courtney Cronin (ESPN) reports that the Bears are moving practice until 9:45 a.m. today. Today’s practice was planned to be open to the fans. So hopefully the wet stuff holds up.
  • This probably isn’t the Fields update you were hoping for, but it’s hard to forget how impressive Fields 1 and 2 were at Harras Hall. When they say the grass on the other side isn’t always green, I offer images from my camera roll to refute those claims. Hmm. After all, this is the team in the rebuilding phase with the fourth head coach and his third general manager since he fired Lovie Smith after the 2012 season. It feels like a lot of regime changes in a decade. Now…why not put a better product on an improved practice surface?
  • During practice, notice how the offensive line shuffles. Braxton-Jones full on his tackle on the left He got the snap, Riley Leaf on his tackle on the right, Sam Mustiffer Manning He’s on the front as he sees his team’s offense flourish at first It is important to remember how fluid the situation is. Heck, it’s considered a fluid situation all summer long. But let’s look at it this way: By giving Jones and Larry Bollom (who was taking time with Reiff at RT) rep for those positions, the Bears are making tackles useful in his spot. We are giving ourselves a puncher chance to develop our homegrown talent.
  • Maybe Leaf might end up with a left tackle. If Jones proves he’s not ready yet, it will give Jones a chance to grow without making a move. Borom will have more chances to hone his craft. This is the value of adding a veteran offensive his lineman without costing too much money. I am watching the line with great interest in the upcoming practice.
  • One thing I love is the energy Chicago DB brings to the table.
  • coach. player. corner back. Safety. That’s the infectious type of vibe the group has now. The Bears’ defensive backroom might be the most balanced and talented positional group this team has to put on the field. The veteran leadership (Eddie Jackson) who was part of the team’s last successful squad, the young veteran (Jayron Johnson) who was part of the most recent playoff team, and the do-anything defender (DeAndre) who dabbles as the ace of a special team. Houston Carson), and two newcomers with tremendous advantages and potential (Jacquan Brisker, Kyler Gordon). There are also coaches in new positions who bring new perspectives and teaching methods. It all makes for an interesting group.
  • One of my most difficult challenges is balancing my feeling that the team wanted to deal with offensive lines and receivers in the draft and my preference for the defensive players they picked in those picks. is to take I could debate any number of offensive linemen or receivers to take those second round picks. However, there was a compelling argument as to why the Bears pulled out Brisker and Gordon. (1) the team’s needs at these positions are as dire as their offensive needs, and (2) given the importance of guarding the pass in modern football, the Bears are more likely than they did. I could have done much worse. Maybe I should appreciate a secondary that might not be torched every turn.
  • Want to keep an eye on your secondary? Alyssa Barbieri (Bears Wire) wrote about the battle between Cole Kmet and Eddie Jackson, making it a must-see matchup at camp.
  • Considering how the Bears languished in the closing stages of last year’s game, I think this tweet is a positive development.
  • But on the other hand, the risk of burnout syndrome is real. We’ve seen other coaches elsewhere in the league go a little too far in the summer, with less-than-optimal results in the wake of the team’s summer-long callousness. Eberflus and his staff know where to draw the line.
  • Camp Eberflus has done an ‘all hands on deck’ philosophy very well and David Montgomery has started running with a special team. (NBC Sports Chicago)
  • This is a sharp observation. From a neutral standpoint, I’m not entirely ignorant of whether the Bears are good.
  • An interesting development (even though Roquan Smith remains without an extension for now):
  • Gary Fensic delivering hitsticks. Vin Scully on the phone. It’s beautiful:
  • A panel of 50 ESPN-selected experts, reporters and analysts chose Ray Lewis as the greatest middle linebacker of all time. Do not shoot messengers here. With all due respect to Mr. Lewis, I believe Dick Buttkus has something to say about this cynicism. And it sounds like:
  • Ian Happ congratulates Paul DeJong for not getting traded by taking a pittance of money.
  • Sure, the Cubs lost. But that’s just one step closer to being a pristine pick in the 2023 MLB Draft.
  • Roster reset from Eli at the BN Bulls after the team made Goran Dragic’s signing formula: