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NYCFC and Montreal are tied 0-0

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A goalless draw may not be the performance fans of a winning club like New York City FC dream of seeing on Saturday night, but given the environment and available players, it’s well worth it. was the result. The team, led by interim head coach Nick Cushing, were proud to have played in a 0-0 draw against in-form CF Montreal, whose midfield had been hollowed out at Stade Saputo.

The defense put in a strong performance, crushing Montreal’s offense and keeping NYCFC in the game. However, the offense has almost completely subsided and he has just one shot, a new record low for the club. This includes his terrible performance in 2015’s First Pancake Off the Griddle his season. A sluggish start in the Post-Taiti era is no problem filling the No. The Pigeons couldn’t pass the ball from their own half and never mind combining attacks.

A crowd with half-empty glasses watched a single off-target shot on goal and talked about next week’s away game against the Columbus Crew and the upcoming match against Inter Miami in the humid Florida heat. I would be very worried. It doesn’t get easier. But the half-packed crowd points to his line of defense and the NYCFC back who makes no mistakes. It was his fourth straight clean sheet for the team and his 12th out of 22 games this season.

You can’t win if you don’t score, but you can’t lose if you don’t score.

game statistics

NYCFC: 1 shot, 0 on goal, 41.2% possession, 371 passes, 80.3% accuracy, 6 fouls

Montreal: 13 shots, 1 on goal, 58.8% possession, 517 passes, 86.3% accuracy, 14 fouls

thin in midfield

Earlier this week, Cushing said NYCFC didn’t need to add a new striker, just a new midfielder. Tonight’s performance was proof of that. NYCFC had a poor midfield, with Djorze Mihajlović and Victor He could hardly resist a Montreal midfield led by Wanyama. NYCFC’s already weakened line-up took another hit when Maxi Morales had to be sidelined in the 40th minute with what appeared to be a calf injury. did. Santiago Rodriguez didn’t look sharp and Justin Hurk, in his second start of his MLS career, still lacked the experience of controlling a game.

Really, NYCFC had no chance of winning this midfield. They were playing a draw from the opening whistle.

This is a build issue. Last year, the club traded Alex Ring but added Morales and Rodriguez. Both helped the team win the title. This year, NYCFC loaned James his Suns to Rangers FC, presumably him missing Parkes until September and adding no players. Haak’s promotion from NYCFC II to the Senior Squad is a good move, but the club has to do more to make up for what it has lost.

More directly, the quality of NYCFC’s midfield has declined dramatically. Unless sporting director David Lee brings in new players, we should expect more games like this.

determination to defend

NYCFC’s identity is simple. Keeping the ball and playing attacking football that is progressive and engaging. However, Eastern’s team’s position at the top of the conference table – NYCFC is one point behind his No. 1 Philadelphia Union ahead of the game – means that the defense’s ability to contain the opposition’s offense is a major factor. Thanks to the ability and the fireworks of goalscoring. Set on the opposite side of the field.

The center-back partnership of Thiago Martins and Alexander Karens has quietly become the best in MLS, matched with the low-vibration power of a luxury car.

Thiago Martins was named Man of the Match and deserved it. He and Currence have soaked up Montreal’s relentless press, making Inter team like his Miami’s surprisingly aggressive attack last week and New Jersey the week before. was retained in the match. NYCFC may have had just one shot total, but Montreal he had just one.

New York City has allowed just 21 goals this season, the second-lowest in MLS (only Philadelphia has allowed fewer goals), and their 12 clean sheets lead the league. That stat is usually credited to the goalie, but these goose eggs are testament to his entire line of defense.

Weak, again

One of the longstanding pains of supporting NYCFC is sitting in the game hoping, praying and begging that the team reach its full potential. Throughout the last year, it was no surprise that New York City excelled. The question was whether they could deliver results on the field.

Those days are over—for now. NYCFC were also underdogs against the Red Bulls and Dallas. New York City won both of these matchups by beating the odds and picking up two important away wins.

NYCFC beat the odds early tonight, even if they didn’t win the match. New York City’s xG was a terrible .05, while Montreal’s xG was a 1.29 for him.

This is no consolation for fans who want their team to win every game, but they can build on performances like this. With a solid defensive foundation, it’s up to Lee and his office to provide the midfield the NYCFC supporters deserve.




Montreal, Alistair Johnston, foul, yellow card, 35 minutes

Montreal, Joel Waterman.Dissenting opinion, yellow card, 53 minutes

Attendees: 19,619

Referee: Lamy Toshan

Assistant Referees: Oscar Mitchell Carvalho, Andrew Bigelow

Fourth referee: Silviu Petrescu

VAR Referee: John Freamon

Assistant VAR Referee: Jose Da Silva