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Norwegian Prima Unveils New Dining and Entertainment Venues for Summer 2022 Debut

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Norwegian Cruise Line is gearing up to launch an all-new class of ships that will redefine the line’s luxury, modern service, including many firsts never seen before on any other ship. increase. In August, pop superstar Katy Perry, who enjoys cruising herself, will name Norwegian Prima godfather in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is the first of her six ships of the Prima class. Norwegian Cruise Line is the first major cruise line to host christenings in the country.

The company formally handed over the vessel this week in final preparations for its maiden voyage in late August. Norwegian Her Prima has space for 3,100 passengers and has the highest crew-to-passenger ratio in the Norwegian fleet.

Other exciting features of the ship include the largest and first 3-level race track at sea (called Prima Speedway) and ‘The Drop’, the world’s first free-falling dry slide. His 10-story plunge into the side of a ship that reaches more G-force than an accelerating F1 race car.

According to Fincantieri, it is the “most impressive and complex” ship ever built given its onboard amenities and high skyline. It was the first Norwegian ship built in an Italian shipyard.

By 2027, the company plans to add five more of these newbuilding Prima Class vessels. Norwegian Cruise Line President and CEO Harry Sommer explains what this new class of ships offers and why now is the right time to introduce this new product.

What makes Prima different? Why launch now?

There are some exciting new features on board that will really surprise patrons. This includes a new food hall, a completely redesigned theatre, new entertainment offerings such as live game shows, and attractive interior design touches.Another feature is the 44,000 square foot length. ‘s deck, Ocean Boulevard, envelops the entire ship and keeps passengers always in front of the ocean.

Norwegian Prima will feature the first-ever outdoor sculpture garden for a cruise line, featuring $6 million in artwork on board, including a collection of NFT artworks that can be viewed online before, during and after the voyage .

Not only will these ships be larger than others, providing more space for each passenger, but more crew will be able to take care of them. Now is the right time as demand is high. First week Norwegian Jump Lima Sailing sales broke records, achieving the best sales day and best first week sales in her 55-year history of the company.

What is the in-flight entertainment like?

Entertainment is a big part of Norwegian Prima (and the brand as a whole) and many of the shows onboard are actually developed in-house. Norwegian is unusual in that it also has its own wardrobe department that creates costumes and design materials for the show.

The three-story theater features special seating that can easily transition from a multi-tiered theater to a completely flat space to become a nightclub. can be spent.

Unlike most other cruise ships that only use the theater space for evening entertainment, Norwegian Prima offers authentic and familiar games such as ‘The Price is Right’, ‘Supermarket Sweeps’ and ‘Press Your Luck’. Hold a show. These aren’t just cruise ship remakes. Instead, it offers a complete experience, including a full-sized money wheel in “The Price is Right” and the layout of a large supermarket in “Supermarket Sweeps.” Winners will receive prizes such as cars and home appliances, just like TV shows.

Are the cabins the same as other ships?

Prima class ships have the largest cabins in the fleet, including both onboard and balcony or ocean facing cabins. We also have a variety of suites in 13 different categories, including a 3-bedroom suite, which is currently the largest on a new cruise ship.

Nearly 20% of bookings are for Haven Suites, indicating that guests are looking for the ultimate experience.

Suites are located in The Haven, which spans eight decks at the rear of the ship, offering spectacular views of the ocean and the destinations the ship visits. Guests of The Haven can dine in the exclusive restaurant. You’ll also have access to exclusive panoramic spa facilities. You’ll also have access to our exclusive Club Lounge, where you can enjoy refreshments throughout the day.

In the standard stateroom category, Norwegian Prima features the largest inside, ocean view and balcony staterooms ever, along with the largest bathrooms and showers ever.

The focus is to make this class of ship more exclusive and premium in every aspect, from the food and beverage elements to accommodation and entertainment. The renowned designer is responsible for the exterior, with dynamic lighting and art throughout, including her custom-built £7,300 chandelier that hangs in her main atrium.

What’s new for the onboard dining scene?

This is especially exciting as there will be more outdoor dining facilities on the side of the ship. Norwegian Prima will also feature the company’s first food hall, featuring a range of international food stations. This includes Texas roadhouse-style barbecue with rotisserie-cooked meats and brisket, seafood grills, ramen and noodles his bar, and a tapas truck. All of this is complimentary and in addition to the traditional buffet and à la carte venues on board. Two full-service Starbucks are also available onboard.

Passengers can visit a variety of food stalls or order from a tablet and enjoy table service, as is found in many airport terminals today. New restaurants include a Mediterranean restaurant named Palomar, a hibachi-style Japanese restaurant, and a new sushi bar. The main dining room menu has also been revamped and now includes a build-your-own pasta option that lets you customize your meal by choosing your pasta, sauces, and toppings.

In the same food hall, Norwegian built the first Indian Bistro, including two tandoor ovens. Indian food has always been popular at buffets, and Line wanted to test offering another Indian restaurant.

At Le Bistro, guests can dine amid three floor-to-ceiling Austrian chandeliers (each worth €70,000) and gold leaf wallcoverings. He is one of many specialty restaurants on board. Later this winter, the company will launch a new initiative investing more than $100 million annually in dining experiences on board all ships.

The ship will feature the first sustainability-focused cocktail and wine bar, with zero-waste preparation of each drink. Beverages are made from materials that would normally be discarded, such as coffee grounds and banana peels. There is also a “croissant mai tai” cocktail. Norwegian Cruise Line will also begin bottling its own cocktails to enjoy on board. Later this year, it will feature the company’s first private her label, a biodynamic and sustainable gin.

Are there any new attractions on board?

Don’t miss The Drop, a winding slide that hangs from the side of the ship. Many guests also enjoy strolling around the ship, with Ocean Boulevard wrapping around the ship for up-close views of the ocean. There is also a three-level racetrack for the adventurous to zoom ships.

Spa-goers will find new fitness and spa amenities on board, including the first-ever charcoal sauna at sea to promote circulation and metabolism, and a two-level cascading indoor spa waterfall. As on other ships, the thermal spa area will also include services such as heated lounge chairs, ice rooms and floating salt pools. This space is located in front of the ship and offers panoramic views. The fitness center has also moved to the front of the ship.

A new addition to the spa menu, the Wellnamis Bed uses computer-controlled sound and vibration therapy to lull the brain into deep relaxation. Norwegian Prima is a game-changer for the company and industry, and with travel recovery beginning, now is the right time to launch such an exciting product.