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Noah Kahan's "Stick Season" is TikTok's current attachment to viral songs

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TikTok has the mysterious ability to plant seemingly harmless sound bites in the deepest depressions of the brain. This can cause over-stimulation in some cases (see myriad “berry and cream” remixes), but has led many TikToker to new favorite songs. Due to the nature of the algorithm, new releases appear to be spreading by word of mouth every week, if not more often. The latest collective obsession with the app? “Stick season” Noah Kahan.

Immediately after the official release of the track, that is, before listening to the original version, the covers of TikTok users @mariannebl and @moiraandclair popped up on my “For You” page in quick succession. I was fascinated by the ghostly tone and lyrical devastation. “And I’m scared of the weather because I see you when it rains” to “So I dream of your version every night I might not have but I didn’t lose I immediately dropped everything (read: My unconscious scroll to find the original on Spotify). Since then, this is basically the only song I’ve listened to. Kahan’s Tik Tok comment suggests that I’m not alone, but many fans have been waiting for the complete song.