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NFL suspends Dolphins owners, strips Tom Brady, Sean Payton of 2023 first-round picks for tampering

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Six months after former Dolphins coach Brian Flores lashed out at team owner Stephen Ross, basically bribed him into losing the game For a better draft position, the NFL temporarily stripped Miami of both Ross and a premium draft pick. NFL media coverageCommissioner Roger Goodell told the franchise on Tuesday that a league investigation found that Ross had hinted at prioritizing draft picks over at least a 2019 win record, and Tom Brady and Sean Payton. Both with a big name on his team. As a result, Ross was fined his $1.5 million, suspended until Oct. 17, and the Dolphins slapped him with a first-round pick in 2023 for “violating the integrity of the game.” should be stripped of his third-round pick in 2024.

An NFL investigation found Flores noting that the Dolphins didn’t intentionally lose a game in 2019, when the team finished 5-11, and that Ross offered him $100,000 for each loss that season. I was unable to substantiate the claim. The wording, timing, and context (of an utterance). Such comments, however worded, are not intended, nor are they to be considered as serious offers, and neither Mr. Ross nor anyone else at the Club may But Ross told Flores, team president Tom Garfinkel, and general manager Chris Greer that their 2020 draft position should be better than their win count in 2019. Of Ross’ comments, Goodell wrote, “Even if written in jest, they carry unnecessary potential risks.”

Beyond the tanking allegations, the NFL lashed out at the Dolphins’ contacts with Brady and Payton in Tuesday’s ruling, citing a tampering violation of “unprecedented scope and severity.” Former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White An investigation led by The Patriots found that Ross and the Dolphins had “unauthorized communications” with Brady on two separate occasions; Again before returning to the Buccaneers. “These discussions focused on Brady becoming a Dolphins limited partner and possibly serving on football officials,” the investigation said.

An NFL investigation revealed in January that Ross and the Dolphins had illegally contacted Payton’s agent, Dong Yi, but Payton’s longtime coach is still hired by New Orleans. rice field. Coach Payton has announced his decision to retire as Saints head coach,” the NFL said. “Following that announcement, Miami asked for permission to speak to Coach Payton for the first time, but New Orleans denied permission.”

While suspended, Ross is not allowed to be at Dolphins facilities or represent the club at team or NFL events. He is also prohibited from attending any of his league meetings prior to his 2023 annual NFL Owners meeting or correspondence with league committees. Dolphins vice president Bruce Beale was also barred from attending league meetings for the remainder of the 2022 season and fined $500,000.

since ross issued a statement As for punishment, while celebrating Flores’ victory over the tanker’s allegations, he downplayed the charges of tampering, stating: When it comes to falsification, I strongly disagree with conclusions and penalties. But most importantly, I accept the consequences because it is most important not to divert attention. Start the harvesting season. Nothing prevents it. “