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New this week: "Not okay", "Amber brown", "Honor Society" | Entertainment

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This is a collection of Associated Press entertainment journalists curated about what will arrive on television, streaming services and music platforms this week.


— Modern influencer culture is skewered with the smart new satire “Not Okay” that will be streamed on Hulu starting Friday. Written and directed by Quinn Shephard, the film starring Zoey Deutch as an ambitious writer in her twenties, Danny. Bushwick apartment). When the landmark she appears to be posing explodes, Danny gets the traumatic story she’s been coveting. Dylan O’Brien (“The Maze Runner”) is co-starring with newcomer Mia Isaac in his recent father-daughter road trip photo “Do n’t Make Me Go.”

— For another kind of critique of influencer culture, see Hatching, a horrifying Finnish body horror about 12-year-old Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) and her perfectionist mother (Sophia Heikkilä). “Lovely everyday life.” Hanna Bergholm’s debut film, with both “ET” and “Black Swan” shades, is an interesting creature feature. “Hatching” could also arrive on Hulu on Friday and be a fun double-barrel with “Not Okay.”

— A senior high school student (“Spider-Man” Angourie Rice) enrolled at Harvard University and is desperate to beat her rivals in the new comedy “Honor Society” streamed on Paramount + on July 29th. Directed by Oran Zegman, authored by David A. Goodman (“Family Guy”), “Honorary Society” also starred Gaten Matarazzo in “Stranger Things” and Christopher Mintzplacer in “Superbad”.

— AP movie screenwriter Lindsey Bahr


— Few artists want to compete with Beyonce’s release, but Maggie Rogers’ new album will be released on Friday. “Surrender” is the first collection of singer-songwriters since her stunning major label debut “Heard It in a Past Life” in 2019. During the pandemic, Rogers moved to the coast of Maine, away from the outside world, and 12 songs from “Surrender.” Her one single, “Wu Wu,” shows an edgy and dancy side, and “That’s where I am” is a more daring and confident Rogers, creating something almost anthem. She is getting better and better. One of her fans must be David Byrne — see if you can find him in the video.

— Recently, exploring the Multiverse has become a pandemic, and Wiz Khalifa is about to dive into him. The rapper released “Multiverse” on Friday, with producers Hitmaka, Sledgren, ID Labs, RMB Justize, Big Jerm and IamSu. Khalifa told Vibe: This is one of my favorite projects so far and I’m very excited about the fans coming into my world and crazy about it. The first single, “Bad Ass Bitches,” has an immortal line that says, “Chronic in the air, no underwear required.”

— “Surround me with a girl / I love being a girl,” Hayley Kiyoko sings on Friday on her sophomore album “Panorama.” Her poppy and airy lead single “For the Girls” has a great video of a weird “Bachelorette” parody with roses, snarks and pool diving. Kiyoko gained viral fame in her iconic quia-bop “Girls Like Girls” in 2015 and became known to fans as “Lesbian Jesus” because of her openness to her loved ones. Other singles on her new album include the hilarious “Chance”, the dance-ready “Found My Friends”, and the lush pop anthem “Deep in the Woods”.

— AP Entertainment Writer Mark Kennedy

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— Cristin Milioti was involved in a recycling day like “Groundhog Day” in the movie “Palm Springs”. Peacock’s eight-episode dark comedy, The Resort, is for Emma, ​​a Mirioti character who is on vacation with her husband Noah (William Jackson Harper) when a 15-year-old mystery breaks in. Time matters again. Andy Siara is another link between “Palm Springs” and the series. He wrote the former and is a writer and showrunner for the latter. Siara described “The Resort,” which debuted in three episodes on Thursday, focusing on those who want a longer period of life “before the difficult parts are taken over.”

— There is a treat for young fans of Paula Danjiger’s Amber Brown book and adult fans of Bonnie Hunt. Debuting on Apple TV + on Friday, “Amber Brown” was written and directed by Hunt (“Life with Bonnie”), who brings the trademark humor and warmth to the show. The repeating screen of Amber (Carsin Rose) is slightly older than the original nine years old and has artistic lines that help her deal with the division of her parents. Through her amber sketches and video journals, viewers will discover her hopes and dreams in a ten-part series that co-stars Sarah Drew as her amber mother.

— While comedy about life after dissolution is common, Netflix’s “Uncoupled” offers a new take. Neil Patrick Harris will star as Michael, abandoned by his partner Colin (Tuc Watkins) 17 years later. Michael is working on pain, anger, and indignation acceptance as he challenges himself to become an unfriendly gay man in his 40s in New York City. His support system includes his loyal friends and real estate sales partner Tisha Campbell. Creators Darren Star (“Sex and the City”, “Emily in Paris”) and Jeffrey Richman (“Modern Family”) combine heartache and laughter in a series of eight episodes that debut on Friday.

— AP TV writer Lin Elver

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