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New NFT trends that could drive the entertainment industry

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NFTs quickly took the world by storm and were applied to all industries. Building on the foundation established by blockchain and harnessing the power of pop culture, NFT has quickly become a household name in the entertainment industry.

From Stranger Things releasing NFTs ahead of their latest season to Coachella announcing NFTs as this year’s entry pass, the entertainment world is exploring what NFTs can do in a big way. But what do we expect in the future?

While NFTs are gaining more and more presence in entertainment, there are many trends emerging in this space. Here are the top trends in NFTs that could dominate entertainment:

NFT as a game to play and earn

One aspect of the entertainment world that has heavily embraced NFTs is gaming. GameFi, which provides games using blockchain technology, has become particularly popular in the last few years. One reason for this is the rise of play-to-earn games. This kind of game allows players to get rewards for their participation.

These rewards can be anything from the NFTs themselves to real cash, and naturally the world is watching.

Several newly released games are shining examples of what you can do when you’re given the chance to play and earn NFT games. One of these is BeaRex, a blockchain-based game that utilizes a classic “runner” setup.

This basically gives players the best of both worlds in terms of playing and earning. BeaRex also plans to release a multi-series, allowing NFT owners to benefit from its distribution.

It has a play-to-earn aspect, but also uses a free-to-play model that combines to form a play-and-earn system in which BeaRex runs. What this means is that users can choose to play for free without buying her NFTs, or buy her NFTs if they want to earn rewards for their efforts.

This essentially offers players the best of both worlds in that they can participate in play-to-earn or forfeit as they please. I plan to release a series.

Watch to Earn

In this age of free online content, it’s no secret that user attention is big money for advertisers. Streaming sites, influencers, and many others earn millions of dollars by attracting and retaining an audience. However, these financial gains are rarely returned to the audience.

Over the past few years, efforts have been made to level the playing field within the blockchain industry. It all started with platforms like Brave, a blockchain-based browser. This browser provides users with a cipher to view ads. The NFT space is now entering the idea with giants like is a ahead of his time video platform created 10 years ago, with over 100 million users visiting each year.

Coubs is a 10-second video that went viral long before TikTok took the market by storm. These video snippets are usually packed with pop culture references and key meme material. Coubs has been shared literally every second on the internet for years, but future versions of the product based on Web-3 technology will reward those who create and watch such videos to increase interaction. You are expected to reinvent the model.

The Coub NFT Marketplace allows users to create and sell clips as NFTs. Owners receive crypto rewards every time their content is manipulated through views, likes, comments, or reposts. And most importantly, NFT collections have an inherent value that allows users to track stats, predict the future potential of a particular clip, and anticipate the profit it will make. .


Despite the crypto recession, NFTs are still on the rise. With Madonna and Justin Bieber joining the trend and model Bella Hadid releasing her own collection, Hollywood is going crazy. But as digital collectibles become more popular, it’s imperative that all creators, even the lesser-known ones, succeed.

This is what Growth Channel, an automated marketing intelligence platform, is trying to do. The NFT marketing space is emerging rapidly, but given the amount of resources pouring into the industry, smaller projects risk being squeezed out of the market.

However, Growth Channel plans to continue. In and out of Hollywood, he firmly believes that identifying the right audience and marketing channels for NFT promotion will continue to thrive the industry.

“NFTs are an exciting but complex space, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start. Reach your audience and hit project milestones,” said Maryna Burushkina, Founder and CEO of Growth Channel.

Growth Channel has access to over 150 audio, video, mobile, native and DOOH channels to support NFT and Web3 companies in data-driven market research, addressable audiences and digital advertising.

The overall long-term impact of NFTs is still inconclusive as there are several potential growth avenues, but so far the sector has seen some leverage across the entertainment industry. are finding their niche.