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New leadership reigns over Discovery Education's Social Impact Team

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Silver Spring, Maryland. – – Discovery Education, a global leader in educational technology where state-of-the-art digital platforms support learning everywhere, today announced new leadership for its award-winning Social Impact Team. Amy Nakamoto has been promoted to General Manager of Social Impact and Jackie Smalls has been appointed Vice President of the Union of Social Impact.

Nakamoto’s diverse careers in social impact began as an executive director of DC SCORES and America SCORES. AmericaSCORES is an after-school non-profit organization focused on physical fitness, creative writing and community building. He joined Discovery Education in 2017 after working as an Associate Director at St. Andrew’s School and as a Program Officer at the Meyer Foundation.

At Discovery Education, Nakamoto has enhanced the role of multi-sector partnership development, with a particular focus on the environment from kindergarten to high school. She leads the company’s social impact strategy, connecting corporate and community partners to school classrooms from kindergarten to high school through real-world content, large-scale coalitions of critical issues, and direct partnerships with school districts. I am.

“I’m honored to lead a talented social impact team at Discovery Education,” said Nakamoto. “For the past five years, I have worked closely with a vast team of professionals and leaders to provide educators and students around the world with a fair and engaging learning experience. We look forward to building more strategic partnerships with global brands and like-minded organizations that share our vision of building a diverse workforce in preparation for our success. ”

Jackie Smalls, a national education leader specializing in STEM K-12 education, will return to Discovery Education as Vice President of Social Impact Coalitions. In this new role, Smalls will be responsible for the strategic growth and impact of multi-sector partnerships on key issues in education from kindergarten to high school.Currently this is STEM Carrier Union™ — The first national STEM initiative of its kind, run by corporate and non-profit leaders and established in schools by Discovery Education — and Social Emotional Learning UnionA network of partners working to incorporate important, culturally relevant social and emotional learning resources into their core teaching to support educators and students across the country.

Prior to returning to Discovery Education, Smalls was’s Chief Program Officer with a focus on computer science education from kindergarten to high school. Jackie will continue to join’s board of directors. Prior to, Smalls was Director of Professional Learning and Education Partnerships at Discovery Education and was responsible for partnering with various school districts to implement kindergarten to high school digital resources throughout the content area and STEM. Smalls was an environmental scientist in the US Army, having played various roles in public education in both the District of Columbia and Prince Georges County Public School, and was part of the team responsible for developing next-generation scientific standards.

“Through my career, I’ve focused on STEM education. In this new role, leading Discovery Education’s Coalitions, I apply my deep knowledge of the industry in a classroom that reflects today’s diverse world. We look forward to helping create opportunities, ”says Smalls.

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