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Nell Nolan: Disney Divas Drag Brunch, Covenant House |

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Here is Mickey!

When you need a little trick, try a drag branch. That’s exactly what the Louisiana National Kidney Foundation did with a recent fundraiser. Dubbed the “Disney Diva Drag Brunch,” the midday revelry unfolded at his NOLÉ, a special event venue on St. Charles His Avenue. Featured divas mingled, sang and entertained over the course of the Brunch and Roundabout performances. Guests rewarded them with dollars and lots of applause. Also take selfies.

As a food fest, there was a dessert platter that included scrambled eggs, bacon, grits with cheese on the side, biscuits, a fruit tray, blackened shrimp Alfredo, a chicken tinga taco station, and a “Pride Flag” cupcake. Margaritas, mimosas, and tequila trees served with fireworks were luscious booze for the crowd, with many celebrating birthdays and bachelor fun.

Among the overjoyed crowd was the chairman of the NKFL. Jeff Hopper with my wife Allison,Treasurer Michael Wright When Erica, secretary Candice Durand ButlerPh.D. Mihran Narjayan, Alain Couvillion, Andrew Gregorian When Tamar, Carly Morales, Michel Boudreau (registered nurse who gave kidney to mother, RN), another RN margaret whitePh.D. Anil Parameshand with a spouse Christinabirthday boy Dr. Fred Terran, took second place in the dance-off. CEO came from NKFL torie kranze others. Quite a few of them sported Mickey Mouse ears.

the performer answered Brendan Portia Michaels Gillespie, Monique Michaels-Alexander, When Lady D. Andrews. Cheers and shouts welcomed them as they addressed the crowd individually. One performer encouraged the crowd to drink, saying, “The more we drink, the more beautiful we become.” It got even more lively as the songstress lip-synced popular hits like Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Potential partners lined up. After that, warm up with “Let It Go” from “Frozen”.

If attendees chose not to leave their seats to wiggle on the “dance floor,” they danced on the spot, some even waving to the bouncy beats.

Three raffle items raised even more money. Tito’s Handmade Vodka was his 3rd place prize, signed Andrea Mistretta The poster titled “Mask” was the second. The grand prize was donated by Hyatt Regency New Orleans and offered as his two-night package with breakfast.the winning duo Barbara Ballard and Bill Hudson.

Also enjoyed as part of a bunch of brunchMore Eve Public and friends Tamar Gregorianwith Kidney Foundation Tracy Eldridge, and Minnie. “The event was a huge success,” said Trie Kranze after the celebrations. With the funds raised, he will continue to fund NKFL and its programs. Disney and Diva, on the other hand, have made a hilarious mark.

Laurel and lightness

“Good evening everyone and thank you Christine (former city councilor) Christine Giselson Palmer), thank you for your leadership and being the master of ceremonies tonight. ” So it started Reneisha Robertson, executive director of Covenant House New Orleans at a recent Sunday night CH event after being introduced by Palmer. Robertson is Mark Behar who answers the doctor, and Jeff Sivisa To open their beautiful home, as they did before. Homes in the historic Garden District are home to a large collection of notable local artists and objects. A Motown-era grand piano dominates the well-equipped parlor. Surrounded by lush upholstery and window dressing, it creates a space for entertainment and conversation.

Participants gathered in several rooms downstairs for the program that began at 6:15 pm.

In addition to Christine Palmer above, other board members chaired Deidre Hayes When Calvin Johnson heather millikan doyle, and host Marc Behar. They listened carefully as to how much stakes Robertson currently has for young people at stake. She kept saying, “People are the heart of what we do.” She asked her members of her team to raise their hands. Named the late Ed Comer, a beloved volunteer and CH recipient of the Service Award. The 2021 winners have been called. Brian Sandsas “a very active member of the Covenant House family”.

Sands said it is his special privilege to introduce all the volunteers who are 2022 Ed Comer Service Award recipients. Cathy Cookas the Front Desk Lead and Responsible for CH on Thursday afternoons, it’s not an easy job, but I do it ‘with a smile’. laundry family consisting of Hillary and Mickey and their children, Meimei, Sophia, and Patrick. A longtime donor and fundraiser, Landrys made sure every young man in CH had a winter coat and attended Sleep Out for Hillary eight times. She then delivered a speech on behalf of her family to express her gratitude. Host Kristin Palmer closed the program and guests congratulated the six winners.

Socializing once again came to the fore as participants approached the dining room’s sumptuous buffet. Delicious dishes included Marc and Jeff’s Summer Meatballs and Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Spinach Salad, Dips, Brownies and Petit Fours. Donations came from Transcendent Law Group, Clover Grill and Bywater Bakery. Custom quaffs are made possible thanks to “Freddy’s Potholes”. This is a rye whiskey featuring a cocktail by Sazerac and Freddie’s Old Fashioned Soda.

Others pointed out Jay Cook, Jeffrey Goldberg, Julie Wise Oreck, Walt Navoi, Kim Burnett, Alison Caves, Monique Sobrina, Damien Garcia-Saraf, Doctor Jeffrey SibrackCH Former Director of Development and Communications Rich Arnoldand CH Ashley Toney and Melissa Tyler.

There was a mix of conviviality and “for good reason” as people ate and chatted, well past the declared closure of cocktail receptions.