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NBA should abolish Bill Russell's jersey number

BOSTON – For 13 years, Bill Russell has terrorized opponents on the court, winning 12 All-Star Awards, 5 MVP Awards and 11 NBA Championships. For his efforts, the Celtics enshrined Russell’s No. 6 jersey as one of the players who never wore it again.

So should the NBA.

William Felton Russell died Sunday. He was 88 years old. He died less than two months after Stephen Curry won his first Finals MVP (an award named after Russell). The NBA has done a lot to honor Russell’s legacy. It was David Stern who put Russell back on track in the NBA in the mid-1990s, a decade after Russell’s 58-game stint as Kings coach ended. From there he made it to the All-Stars, made a cameo appearance in the Finals, and even reunited with Russell’s longtime rival Wilt Chamberlain.