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National Institute for Innovation and Technology Announces National Talent Hub to Grow National Talent Pipeline for Semiconductor Industry and Nanotechnology Sector

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The National Institute launches a state-of-the-art portal to expand the talent pipeline by connecting individuals and undervalued populations to careers, registered apprentices, and the educational resources needed to succeed. -Open access to the university’s NSF-ATE national network and universities

Salt Lake City, July 27, 2022 / PRNewswire /-Today at the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TECH), the National Institute of Innovation Technology, a non-profit organization responsible for developing national strategies and infrastructure to build a talent pipeline for strategic industries. The (NIIT) sector has announced its state-of-the-art national talent hub. The National Talent Hub represents a public-private effort developed over the last few years to become a nationally integrated platform available in states and regions to support the development of the country’s talent pipeline. HI-TECH is a national conference supported by the NSF-ATE program on advanced technical education that allows participants to update their knowledge and skills.

The portal uses dynamic signaling from the industry to notify NIIT’s Competitive Competency Standards Database with advanced real-time data analysis for comprehensive skill matching, gap analysis, and career and personalization. Educational mapping function. As a domestic leader in semiconductor human resources pipeline development, NIIT is deploying the National Talent Hub to support the semiconductor industry. However, this architecture is designed to support all strategic technology-based industries and their supply chains and extends to the country’s first integrated system.

The National Talent Hub is the culmination of a decade of evaluation and development, including comprehensive industry involvement. It aims to expand the talent pipeline by making technology-based careers, previously considered unattainable, available to underserved and undervalued people. This is the only solution of this type. Succeed in a high-value career in the strategic industrial sector.

Talent Hub was developed in collaboration with the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Program (NSF-ATE), the US Department of Labor Education and Training (USDOL-ETA), the SUNY Polytechnic Institute, and industry representatives of companies around the world. I did. The supply chain of the semiconductor industry. Country and region scaling begins with offering free participation in the NSF-ATE network of community colleges and universities. Some of the benefits of participating universities include:

  1. Guarantees dynamic coordination with industry requirements and real-time coordination with the industry’s ever-changing job requirements
  2. Providing more value to students
    • Students can ensure that courses and programs meet the requirements of their work and industry.
    • Students can establish a validated lifelong learning profile that builds as they acquire more work experience and academic training and experience.
    • Students can visually plan strategic career and educational paths based on their current and goal skill profiles.
    • Students can use the hub to evaluate, coordinate, and promote their skills and connect with their employers in a way that is unique to the National Talent Hub.
    • Students can enter the field of study by “learning and earning” a registered apprenticeship program, and then pursue a career study and earn a degree to “raise a ladder”.
  3. Increased Enrollment – ​​Certain courses will be more visible to students who are guided to the program based on career choices and the need for skills, skill upgrades, and re-skills.
  4. Increased visibility for employers to know which programs meet their needs.

In addition, participating universities will be part of NIIT’s university network that provides training as part of NIIT’s exclusive US Department of Labor contract to lead the development of registered apprentices throughout the nanotechnology / semiconductor sector. Become. The National Talent Hub and related infrastructure support NIIT’s GAINS program “Growth of Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Apprentices.” GAINS employers also benefit from free access to the hub.

“As GF adopted for future growth and business expansion, we defined many routes to enter the semiconductor industry. Registration apprenticeships, community college and college level internships, and veteran recruitment and under-recruitment. Focusing on hiring rated groups, the National Talent Hub will help us to better understand qualified candidates who are otherwise unfamiliar with the industry. ” Peter BenionGlobal Foundries Fab8 SVP and General Manager.

“National TalentHub provides community college semiconductor education programs with unique and valuable resources to ensure course alignment with industry requirements and prepare the semiconductor workforce for the future. Hub provides industry and valuable resources. It will help strengthen partnerships between higher education and promote the success of a wider variety of students. A wider range of career opportunity populations. ” Jarid AshcroftProfessor of Chemistry Pasadena City College He is also the Center Director of the Center for Micronanotechnology Education (MNT-EC), a national network of universities focused on developing talent pipelines to support the microelectronics and nanotechnology sectors.

“By working with NIIT in the development of the National TalentHub, features specifically designed for the university have been fully integrated into a completely unique tool. TalentHub’s state-of-the-art architecture allows college and university courses. It can be easily adapted to industry requirements and continuously tailored to industry needs, automating the industry engagement process, which gives educators, employers, and individuals free access. Designed to be the first tool of its kind, the student hub is relevant and directly related to the career. This is a great value proposition that we can offer to future students. ” Robert GearProfessor of Nanoscale Science, Faculty of Nanoscale Science and Engineering State University of New York..

“After years of development, comprehensive industry engagement and user testing, we’re excited to announce the nationwide rollout of our talent hub,” he said. Mike Russo, President and Chief Executive Officer of NIIT. None of the many popular carrier matching services that exist offer all the features of this system designed to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry and a wider range of nanotechnology-related areas. The National Talent Hub is designed to support national strategy and regional ecosystem development and is very pleased with the results, but continues through real-time input from individuals, employers and course providers. It is also designed to be improved. “

About NIIT

NIIT is 501 (c) (3) and its mission is to identify and ensure that innovation obstacles in the strategic industrial sector (the sectors important to national security and global competitiveness) are eliminated. .. Human resources pipeline development is a key focus of NIIT, and through comprehensive industry involvement, NIIT has a national strategy and infrastructure to expand and build a human resources pipeline across the semiconductor and strategic industry sectors. Leading the development. NIIT, with the support of the National Human Resources Pipeline Development Initiative and the Federal Government, is a comprehensive and national, including coordination of Program K-12 through higher education and training for adults and veterans, and infrastructure to attract a wider population. Developed an integrated approach to. Improve access and connectivity to careers and required training and improve your ability to expand to support your country. In addition, NIIT has a contract with USDOL to develop and expand innovative registration apprenticeship programs nationwide within the strategic supply chain within the semiconductor and nanotechnology sectors.

Source National Institute of Innovation Technology (NIIT)