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My first comic book: Entertainment! tired! excitement!

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I’ve been crazy about pop culture since I was little, and I’ve always wanted to go to San Diego Comic-Con.Is it because of the absurd amount of entertainment experience in the last few days, or because it’s clearly ubiquitous? Kevin smith It still excites my own high school version, Comic-Con looked like a cultural pilgrimage that I always had to take. After years of watching panels, listening to announcements, and feeling like I missed one of the biggest moments of entertainment each year, I was finally able to go to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. .. Absolutely loved.

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I’ve wanted to go for decades, but I’m not like you would consider yourself a “comic convention man”. Most fantasy pieces make me sick of tears, sci-fi often seems ridiculous to me, I probably own three cartoons, and I do it through one episode of the anime I don’t think I’ve achieved it. When another attendee asked what my “fandom” was, I said, “Hmm. Better call sole?? I’m interested in nerds — as we all do in some way — but this was just my second Comic book convention, so what’s my takeaway from this experience? I didn’t know completely.

The first day at SDCC felt like a great epitome of all the possibilities involved in this event.During the day I was able to see Chris pine Sit in front of a huge hall H screen like a kid for the world premiere of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among thieves With a trailer Hugh Grant Talk about how much he enjoyed S & M.I could see the passion and love that fans had for fandom I didn’t know anything about Teen Wolf: Movie panel. As I walked down the floor of the convention center, I saw everything from Lego 4 ton bowser to huge ones. Squid game Funko pop display.I was able to see Mike Judge Talk to Paul share About the impact of Peanuts Cartoon above Bevis and Buttheadlisten Patton Oswalt Geek about Reddit theory Severance Go to the panel, and later that night, for early screening of our prey.

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But on that first day, I was able to see how much was included in one tournament, and how much potential and fandom could be intertwined in one big event. When I was worried that my interest might not appear, it didn’t come to my mind after the first day. Movies / TV / Video games / whatever I enjoyed didn’t matter, there really was something for everyone. If anything, it may have been too much to enjoy.

The best way to describe my first tournament, the SDCC, which took place for the first time in three years, will be overwhelming. The convention center is huge and not only has many rooms with its own panels and events, but the surrounding area is incredibly full. The event covers several hotels, installations of different themes, screenings, signatures, and tremendous amounts of possibilities throughout. I felt like I was missing at least five other opportunities, anytime, anywhere.When I sat down on friday Rings of power Sponsored Hall H Panel Stephen ColbertOne of my favorite comedians, Paul F. Tompkins, Hosted a Marvel Animation panel upstairs above me. And I loved seeing a lot of panels of celebrities I’ve loved for years, but sitting still for an hour at a time felt like something great was missing outside the walls of any panel. ..

If anything, I felt like a shark that had to keep moving all the time. Stopping for some reason meant that the complete exhaustion of this experience would hit me like a ton of bricks. It consisted entirely of adrenaline, and I felt like I was inspired by my passion for entertainment as I rushed to eat snacks as I was walking towards the next event. I felt like I didn’t stop in the process of SDCC, but I can’t help thinking about what I missed, such as experiencing everything the tournament offers and even what I want to do. It’s impossible.I didn’t have to go to some popup activation for something like What we are doing in the shadows, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among thieves, Or Smith’s movie restaurant. I never went to the Stern Pinball exhibition and didn’t feel I had enough time to explore the show floor as much as I wanted.Despite being Bob’s Burgers With exhibition House of the Dragon It’s on display right outside the hotel room, so I didn’t have enough time to get everything I wanted to do.

Still, this doesn’t mean I’m dissatisfied with my time at SDCC. Rather, there are many notable things to see. It’s insane how much you can do, and you’re still missing out on many great things. The SDCC also showed me how diligent and passionate these fans are, and that they love these entertainments deeply at their core. People slept for days outside the convention center for the opportunity to see Marvel’s Hall H panel. I don’t know if any entertainment has patience or dedication to sleep on concrete for a few days.And I’m saying as someone who went to a music festival for days and camped overnight on Black Friday on Black Friday to get a $ 5 season. Boy Meets World.. I can’t imagine experiencing this tournament without the benefits of having tickets for these popular events, but in a way, being very enthusiastic about loving entertainment in any way. Thank you.

Saturday, the last day of the tournament, I spend most of the day in the iconic Hall H. I attended various events every day, but I couldn’t prepare for the day-long experience in the hall. H. From the beginning of the day, almost all the seats in the hall were full, waiting for more people to come in outside. I didn’t dare go to the bathroom. My only food was the accidentally spilled trail mix. At the bottom of my backpack packed with stolen goods. But again, it was fascinating to see these fandoms that I wasn’t interested in being overwhelmed by seeing the people I loved and admired for years.I have never seen a single episode of Star Trek As for the series, looking at their panel, I wanted to give the universe a chance.I have never read the work of Neil GaimanHowever Sandman The panel wanted me to take up his work. From his whole experience, I wanted to explore these worlds that have never opened themselves in a real way.

But for a week, I felt like it was being built for Marvel’s Hall H panel. Throughout the week, we heard rumors and theories about who will be performing and what the studio will announce in upcoming movies and TV shows. Until the end of Phase 6, I, or the rest of the crowd, had little hope of Marvel announcing plans for the next few years.The whole crowd felt like they were at the edge of their seats all the time as they showed us the trailer. Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumania, Secret aggressionWhen Galaxy Guardian Vol. 3 It was only for us. Seeing Marvel announce a lot at once, it seemed like he was looking at the type of panel that Marvel fans had been talking about for years.

This presentation felt like celebrating not only Marvel’s future, but the bonds that were built with the MCU. James Gunn Cast with Guardians I looked at the trailer in tears and looked for what seemed to be the final version. Guardians Adventure, but even more powerful Black Panther: Wakanda Forever This concludes the presentation.As a cast and director Ryan Coogler Getting on stage and showing off the trailer for the first time was like celebrating the group’s life. Chadwick Boseman And the power he brought to the role of Black Panther. When Coogler released the trailer, he couldn’t help but tear it apart. Not only did the characters in this world mourn the loss of T’Challa, but the audience at Hall H continued to mourn the loss of Bozeman. But I’m sure everyone in the hall wanted Boseman to be watching with him, but at that moment I felt like a thank you to Boseman. Black leopard The series makes sense for so many people.

Late that night, with no events to go to and no panels to see, I finally decided to roam the convention center without going anywhere, for no rhyme or reason. I began to think about the absolutely incredible amount of time I had, what my expectations were, what the reality was, and, on a larger level, what I was most grateful for about this event.

For me, Comic Con was a place that taught me that I should experience as much as I can. I spent most of last month in the hospital because her mother had to have major surgery. It thanked me for the time I have, and I shouldn’t take it for granted. Sure, it can be too much to do all at once, but it’s a great problem to put all those many opportunities together in one place.

But Comic-Con also taught us that everyone should be proud of what they like and what entertainment drives them. If you love something, there is someone else in this world who has the same passion and interests as you. And in that respect, it’s great to have a place where these entertainments come to life. There you can watch your favorite shows and movie stars, interact with other people who love what you love, absorb all your own love and excitement and others of that entertainment Have for From the seemingly endless Marvel property wave panel to just watching the people taking pictures with the cosplayers, I was delighted with everything. Entertainment becomes a reality, but so do other people who share the same passion.

And at that point, the most important thing I picked up from Comic-Con is the community that sprouted around this massive experience. The experience may be overwhelming, but spending the same things with the same people for days feels like a small town that sprout for days each year. When I sat on the panel for hours in Hall H on Saturday, I talked to a complete stranger about how my scam was going, talked about entertainment with people in line, and a fellow audience and community. I felt the feeling of. I had a good time meeting a colleague I met for the first time in Slack. I think there are many fans who meet like people who only know on the Internet. Conventions too. Even at the plane house, I met two people in line, talked for hours, and had the best flight of my life. We exchanged numbers and have been talking ever since. The crowd may be crazy, the procession is ridiculous and the experience can be overwhelming, but by the end of the trip, the sense of this community is bringing people back to San Diego each year. I understood that.

And a few days after I got home from the first comic book, yes, I’m still tired, but I can’t wait to start over again next year. I can’t wait to return to this relatively small community of fans who just want to experience their favorite entertainment with their favorite fans.

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