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MLB Trading Deadline Rumors: Yankees and Cardinals looking for a rotation upgrade.White Sox is not a seller

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The MLB trading deadline on August 2nd is only a few days, and the team is undoubtedly laying the foundation for a notable swap. On the other hand, as we work towards Tuesday, some people are trying to figure out whether to buy, sell, or hold. It all means a daily trade topic and is here to put together Friday.

Yankees want to be a starting pitcher

The New York Yankees recently added outfielder Andrew Benintendi to the fold. Currently, the focus of their deadline seems to be on strengthening rotation. The latest information on Jon Heyman is as follows:

“The Yankees are casting a wider net for the starters, and of course they are also participating in Frankie Montas, but Luis Castillo seems to be their first choice. Noah Syndergaard I’m running third. “

The Yankees have been one of the best baseball rotations to date this season, but concerns about regressions and Luis Severino’s injury in some corners of that rotation mean they’re looking for reinforcements. To do. The Reds’ right-hand man, Castillo, is almost always a deadline pitching award, so his competition should be fierce. If that fails, A’s Montas will be a catch now, overcoming recent shoulder problems. For more modest targets, Hayman lists the Angels Cinderguard as well as the pirate José Quintana.

Cardinal targeting rotation upgrades

The St. Louis Cardinals are now tied to the final spot of the NL Wildcard and are within the range of the No. 1 Brewers in the National League Central. It is reportedly one of the teams with a very realistic design for the landing of Juan Soto in the Nationals. .. But at the same time, they need to tackle the rotation that has been plagued by injuries, not deep in the first place. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Derrick Goold reports that rotation is certainly a priority for the Cardinals front office as the deadline approaches. Similarly, the Cardinal wants to add a significant upgrade to a corps that was effective but is currently struggling to fill the spot. Specifically, Goold reports that the Marlins Montas and Pablo Lopez are interested in the card. Both will be substantial upgrades for St. Louis. Of course, the competition for numbers on either arm is fierce.

I don’t want to sell the White Sox

The Chicago White Sox, which won the division title in 2021 and entered the playoff berth of the 2020 season, had high expectations for 2022. But so far, no great expectations have been placed. Entering Friday’s slate, the socks are 49-49, with a run difference of minus 19. This is usually not the profile of the team trying to add pieces to the deadline. However, thanks to the weaknesses around the American League Central, the White Sox is only three games from the beginning. Similarly, the SportsLine projection system has a 49.4% chance of creating a postseason. This is the highest probability of any team in AL Central.

Against this background, John Moroji reports that socks GM Rick Hahn is not considering selling notable names until the deadline.

Hahn previously hinted that adding to the bullpen was a deadline priority and that left-handed bats could also be used in the outfield (and ideally on second base). At the very least, Sox is the guy who puts the band together in the hope that it can boost the division’s title in one fell swoop.