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MLB Rumors: The Red Sox is listening to JD Martinez's offer.Tigers willing to trade with Tarik Skubal

The 2022 MLB trading deadline is only one week, and the people’s incredible Juan Soto is drawing attention. Cardinal is seen as a front runnerBut Some clubs have the elements and motivations to close a deal.. Rumors of Tuesday’s closing deadline awaiting Soto’s latest developments are:

Tigers willing to trade Skubal

According to The Athletic, the Tigers have made available to “almost everyone,” including left-handed Tarik Skubal. The 25-year-old Skubal stumbled a little later, but is a bat miss who is not qualified as a free agent until the end of the 2026 season. Skubal looks like a pitcher who should constantly rebuild the Tigers, but it doesn’t hurt to hear the players.

Detroit has several rescuers to meet the deadline (Andrew Chafin, Michael Fulmer, Gregory Soto) and believe they will be active sellers again, but Skubal’s deal is with the club this year. It would be difficult to swallow given what was expected to take a step forward. Again, it doesn’t hurt to listen to any player, but Skubal trading is not a popular move. Given the course of the team, it’s no wonder that long-time GM Al-Avila should make such an important deal.

One Red Sox slugger “on the market”

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In an interview with WEEI, team president Sam Kennedy has engaged in trade negotiations involving Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers, despite losing 13 of the last 17 games and three games ahead of the wildcard spot. He said he didn’t go.via Boston Globe). Specifically, Kennedy said there was “no internal or external discussion or communication” about the deal between the team’s two homemade stars.

However, according to ESPN (Podcast Link), Boston is “putting JD Martinez on the trade market.” Soon 35 years old is a rental, and although he has less power through the fence than usual, he has a productive season. The rest of Martinez’s $ 19.375 million salary can be an obstacle for some teams, but if the Red Sox decides to sell, they’ll spend some money to maximize their profits. It would be wise to eat.

Devers, 25, is on the Hamstrings Injured List and will remain under the team’s control as an arbitrated player in 2023. He refused to extend his contract during spring training. Both were said to be “very far”. -And the Red Sox is the one who takes another shot by stretching him this winter. Trading Devers looks crazy, but keep in mind that this is the same team that Mookie Betts traded after refusing to extend.

As for Bogaerts, he has been able to opt out of the last three years, with $ 60 million in post-season contracts remaining and is widely expected to do so. The 29-year-old has complete trade ban protection. Bogaerts has played more games as a shortstop than anyone else in the history of the Red Sox. It’s unclear if the team will do what it takes to keep him, but it seems wise to keep him on the deadline and extend him.

Cubs likely to trade haps

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ESPN reports that Cubs outfielder Ian Happ is of great interest and the team is likely to deal with him. He was the first All-Star of the season to turn 28 soon. Thanks to the improved contact ability, He enjoys his best all-round season. Happ also settled down as a full-time left fielder after spending most of his career moving between positions. He is not rented and will be under the control of the team until 2023.

Assuming Soto is Plan A for all teams, Happ thinks it will be Plan B for most teams. This is because he offers a year of control and power over top rental outfielder Andrew Benintendi. The Happ market may not actually start moving until Soto’s future is settled. Soto is the kind of player that puts everything on hold for you to win. The team doesn’t want to give up the chance of getting a hap just to know that they would have shot Soto if they waited a little longer.

Interesting A Murphy

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Athletics catcher Sean Murphy is attracting trade attention, Athletics reports. Cubs Backstop Willson Contreras is the top catcher available on the trading marketHowever, although he is a rental, Murphy will be under the control of the team until 2025 as a player to be arbitrated. He is also a good defensive catcher. Murphy can help the team win now and later.

As intended, A has the worst record in the American League and could trade with a legitimate Frankie Montas before the deadline. It’s hard to find a good young catcher, but Oakland already has Murphy’s replacement for top prospect Shea Langeliers, who is tearing Triple A after participating in Matt Olson’s trade. The number A shows that catching is weak throughout baseball and there is no shortage of Murphy suitors.