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MLB dominates prime time, even though regional sports network ratings are flat year-on-year

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Regional sports network ratings are flat at the All-Star Break. However, Major League Baseball continues to be in the spotlight, given the decline in linear television subscriptions and the large number of games in the league and most of them gaining prime time.

Year-over-year (YOY) figures show that household (HH) impressions (IMP) are very close to last year’s All-Star break. Overall, the league will either decrease by -0.38% or level off when rounded. Thirteen of the 29 have shown an increase over 2021, while 15 have decreased.As an unusual sign of consistency, Pittsburgh Pirates sees exactly the same number of viewers at AT & T
Last year’s Pittsburgh. The Toronto Blue Jays number is not tracked by Nielsen because it is in Canada.

Baseball continues to be very popular with advertisers, given the almost daily rhythm of having a large inventory of games and being able to line up products in commercials.

“Our advertising revenue has been growing at a double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the past five years,” said Playfly Sports, COO of HomeTeam Sports, a company that covers the advertiser’s portfolio. One Craig Sloan said. As a subsidiary, it spans many of the RSNs. “This is a double-digit increase over the previous year.”

As Sloan points out, baseball sees very consistent numbers based on fan loyalty. The household impression figures support this because many of the profits we see are behind in the rankings. The Texas Rangers are leading the way with the greatest profits. Rangers see a + 42% year-on-year increase. This is followed by the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners (+ 33%), St. Louis Cardinals (+ 30%), and the Philadelphia Phillies (+ 25%).

Perhaps the biggest factor in MLB’s popularity with advertisers is how MLB dominates prime time over broadcast and cable competition. 11 of 29 ranks # 1 and 5 ranks # 2 (Braves, Tigers, Giants, Mariners, Guardians, Padres, Brewers, Royals) of the designated market area (Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers, Astros, Cardinals, Giants, Mariners, Guardians, Padres, Brewers, Royals) Twins, Raises, Reds, and 3 ranks # 3 (Mets, Red Sox, Orioles).

There is a scorching record in the rankings, and the New York Yankees of the YES network see the record broken. From this point last year, HH impressions increased by + 13% to 22,597,400 for All-Star Breaks. By July 12, 19 of 2022 YES’s 70 regular season games had an average of more than 400,000 viewers in the New York Designated Market Area (DMA) in terms of total viewership, not households. Was recorded. In all of last season, YES had nine such regular season Yankees games (with a total of 128 games). The Yankees game on the YES Network recorded an average of 347,000 viewers on the New York DMA, up 22% from last year’s MLB All-Star Break. The forecast is that YES is progressing at a pace of achieving delivery from the second best season to the present in 10 years since 2012.

And the Yankees aren’t the only ones watching the majority. With the New York DMA being the largest in the country and the team winning, the total number of impressions in New York Mets households was 15,837,500 year-on-year, an increase of 12% over last year in the All-Star Break.

Not all clubs are working well. Naturally some. Due to Oakland Athletics’ major talent littering and ranking tanking, they account for the largest year-over-year decline (-46%). And it’s not just the Bay Area A that has dropped significantly. The San Francisco Giants are down -35%. This is followed by a -30% drop in the Cleveland Guardians and a -29% drop in the Cincinnati Reds.

Other notable points …

  • 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves is the biggest winner with a + 23% increase in household impressions (7,200,300 HH IMP) compared to 2021’s 5,848,500 at the 2021 All-Star Break. I missed the top 5 of YOY.
  • One of the most exciting teams in baseball in the last few years may be dealing with indifference. In San Diego Padres, household impressions have decreased by 21% compared to this time last year (5,044,800 compared to 6,346,100 in 2021).
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are down -15%, but they are still crushed due to the large LA DMA size (HH IMP 11,817,600).
  • One of the teams that could bring trouble to the New York Yankees ahead of the World Series is the Houston Astros, which remains strong at AT & T SportNet Southwest. Astros has seen an all-star break with + 8% more household impressions than last year (10,551,600 compared to 9,783,500 year-on-year).
  • There is hope in Charm City. After years of bad standing, the Baltimore Orioles look promising, aiming to win a wildcard spot. This translates into the number of homes watching the game on MASN. The Orioles are up 6% compared to this point last year (2,422,000 household impressions compared to 2,291,100 at last year’s All-Star Break).
  • Comparing HH impressions from the end of the 2021 season with HHIMP in the first half of the 2022 season, the league has risen by nearly 2%, with 16 of 29 on the positive side.