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Ministry of Education investigates civil rights complaints of pro-Israeli USC students

Applicants will take a tour of the University of Southern California. (Universal Images Group via Getty Images via Jeffrey Greenberg /

Andrew Lapin

The US Department of Education is investigating complaints alleging that the University of Southern California has fostered an anti-Semitic environment on campus. This is in response to her student’s claim that her colleague harassed her from the standpoint of her student government because of the views of her pro-Israel.

The complaints being handled by the department’s civil rights department are due to the campus community dealing with Roserich in 2020, when he was the vice president of the school’s undergraduate student government.

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Students have launched an impeachment campaign against the Jewish Lich. What the campaign organizer said at the time was her implicit support for various racist microaggressions by the student council president. However, Rich in her open letter accused her fellow students of her racial discrimination because of her Zionist views, and some accused her of her pro-Israel. He said he led a social media campaign aimed at being.

Rich then resigned from the student government for fear of her safety.

The investigation will be conducted after the Human Rights Center under the Brandis Act, a pro-Israeli legal group often involved in campus legal issues, has filed a complaint on behalf of Lich. The center claims that the USC was unable to take significant action to protect Rich, even after she met with the president of the university and the Hillel branch of the campus spoke on her behalf.

The university has the USC Shoah Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Steven Spielberg, which hosts thousands of hours of Holocaust survivor testimony and is today one of the largest Holocaust memorial organizations in the world. ..

After Rich resigned, USC President Carol Folt condemned campus anti-Semitism and launched a new initiative, Strong Zan Hate, to counter anti-Semitism and Foundation-led implicit prejudice. Announced.

In a statement, the Brandis Center publicly announced anti-Semitic harassment by admitting that she had not done anything wrong and was mistakenly targeted based on her identity. We should have blamed or taken steps to prove Rose. “

“I was told that support for Israel made me part of racism, and by the association I am a racist,” Rich said in her public letter. “Attack on my Zionist identity is an attack on my Jewish identity.”

“USC is proud of its culture of participation for all students, including members of the Jewish community,” the university said in a statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. In the two years since Lich’s case, the school has pointed out “many efforts,” including the expansion of the Stronger Than Hate initiative and the establishment of the Council of Economic Advisers on Jewish Life at the USC.

“We look forward to addressing concerns and questions from the US Department of Education on this issue,” the school said.

In 2019, the Trump administration instructed the Ministry of Education to include Jewish students in campus non-discrimination protection. The department has filed civil rights complaints at several major universities, claiming that Jewish students have been targeted for anti-semitic harassment, including Illinois University, Brooklyn College, Duke University, and North Carolina University. I investigated.