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Michael Conforto attracts attention after draft

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In this past off-season list of MLBTR’s top 50 free agents, 49 of them eventually signed outfielders. Michael Conforto The only exception is. It was later revealed that he didn’t sign because he suffered a shoulder injury during the lockout and eventually needed end-of-season surgery.

Conforto’s agent Scott Boras later walked through its “end of season” descriptor in May, stating that Conforto could return later in the season. This opened up the possibility for teams to sign the injured Confort and hope to recover faster than planned, but it was before the draft as Confort declined the qualifying offer from Mets. It never happened. Taking risks with Conforto may be attractive to some extent, but not enough to lose a meaningful draft topic because of its joy.

Now that the draft is complete, it’s an issue. Signing Conforto is no longer related to the forfeiture of any kind of draft topic or bonus pool money. Not surprisingly, Conforto is getting more attention than it is today, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post. Hayman speaks to Boras. Bolas received four calls about the fault after the draft and said, “There is a lot of interest from some very good teams.”

When asked to list the teams of interest, Bolas said, “They are all in the United States except one,” implying that the Blue Jays are one of the teams at the table. Jaze’s involvement is not so surprising given that they were previously interested in the off-season as part of their desire to add a left-handed blow.Almost as soon as the news of the fault injury came out, Jaze won another left-handed bat. Raimel Tapia.. With wRC + reaching 91 this season, 9% below the league average of .275 / .300 / .388, it’s no wonder Toronto still thinks it can upgrade in that category.

Of course, even if Confort could return to good health before the end of the season, it’s no wonder what version he would be. From 2017 to 2020, wRC + entered the down year in 2021 after an amazing play of 133 at .265 / .369 / .495. Last year’s batting line was .232 / .344 /. If the wRC + is 106, it’s .384, which is above average but far from the previous season. Given that unfortunate season, shoulder surgery, long layoffs, and some rehab process, it’s hard to tell how effective he will be in the coming months.

Of course, from a comfort point of view, he would love the ability to return to the field and show signs of life before the offseason. As a free agent marketing teams for the 2023 season, there’s even a handful between getting healthy in December, hosting showcases, and playing real games. There is a big difference.

Signing an injured player is risky, but not unprecedented.For example, last August, the Dodgers signed Cole Hamels He came back from various injuries and had an incentive of $ 1 million. In that case, Hamels didn’t work because it was shut down just two weeks later in the season. With less than two weeks to close, teams looking for additional bats that are missing can rely on Conforto as a dangerous fallback option.