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Mega Millions jackpot soars to $ 790 million: when is the next draw?

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Staten Island, NY — The Mega Millions jackpot continues to skyrocket after no winners in the Friday night draw.

And that’s the story of the country. Expectations are rising as the number of jackpots continues to grow. The estimated winnings for the next draw on Tuesday reached $ 790 million, or $ 464.4 million in cash.

After no tickets matched all six numbers drawn on Friday night, the jackpot rolled again: white balls 14, 40, 60, 64, 66, and gold mega balls 16.

In each game, only three lottery jackpots have been won so far, exceeding the estimated jackpot prize of $ 790 million.

The jackpot is very expensive as there have been no winners for months. The last jackpot winner was in April.

Two were Mega Millions jackpots. It will cost 1,537 million won in South Carolina on October 23, 2018 and 1,050 million won in Michigan on January 22, 2021. The current world record lottery award won the $ 1,586 million Powerball Jackpot on January 13. 2016.

However, while no one has won the prize jackpot, there were still millions of winners in the Friday night draw, including a total of 3.4 million winning tickets at all prize levels.

Four tickets matched five white balls to win the second prize in the game. Three of them were worth $ 3 million each, as they included an optional megaplier ($ 1 extra purchase available in most states), which is three times the Friday night. They were sold in Delaware, New Jersey and New York. The remaining Match 5 winning tickets were worth $ 1 million and were sold in Virginia.

If you haven’t played before, or if you’re a regular player, there are some important questions answered about playing Mega Millions.

How do I buy a ticket?

Mega Millions tickets can be purchased at New York Lottery retailers for $ 2 seven days a week. The deadline for purchasing tickets is 10:45 pm on the night of the lottery.

Lottery is held every Tuesday and Friday, and the New York Lottery encourages players to buy tickets early to avoid the last minute queues.

When is the picture?

The $ 790 million jackpot prize draw will be held on Tuesday, July 26th at 11:00 pm.

How to play this?

The player chooses five numbers from 1 to 70 and one megaball number from 1 to 25.

How can I win the jackpot?

To win the jackpot, the player must match all five normal numbers, the white ball and the gold megaball, in any order.

There are two options for paying Mega Millions jackpot prizes. Winnings can be paid 30 times a year or in one lump sum. Each yearly payment is 5% more than the previous payment.

Mega Millions is played in the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, in addition to 45 states.

The $ 790 million lump sum payment is $ 464.4 million.

What happens if I add a mega plier?

Megaplier is a feature that allows the winner to increase the original prize amount.

Players can multiply Mega Millions prizes (not jackpot prizes) by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. Mega plier numbers will be randomly selected prior to each draw.

When purchasing a Mega Millions ticket, the player must select the Mega Pliers option. If you select the Megaplier option, there will be an additional $ 1 per game.

What is your chance to win?

According to lottery officials, the odds of winning a jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350.

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