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Meet the world through regional diversity, culture and inclusiveness

The Marconi Cultural Event Center, along with Misana Beekly First Nations, Eletra Marconi Society, and G Marconi Society, hosted this field rally to celebrate diversity with real success. At the Marconi Meets World Festival, several local merchants will attend, and the audience will immerse themselves in indigenous art and culture, enjoy food and drink, meet local vendors, and sing to live performances by local and visiting artists. I was able to play games. Relax in the children’s playground.

The festival began with a community group explaining their culture through dance as spectators move to the jewel beat of oasis belly dancers. Performer Zamil Bierneza Mihales, a local inhabitant and a member of Sue’s Filipino community, danced and set the stage on fire.

The Juno Award-winning group Digging Roots is a rocked center stage with blues, soul and rock’n’roll sounds that interconnects with the traditional circle dance of the Anishinaabe and Onkwehonwe tribes. Digging Roots has been performing and touring with a positive message of resistance for over a decade.

Diggings Roots is more than just a band. They are at the forefront of the struggle for equality and representation in the arts through participation in industry advocacy groups and organizations such as the International Indigenous Music Summit and Ishkode Records aimed at strengthening the arts community around the world. increase.

As Sue’s cultural heritage grows, local business woman Dennis Bell, 4 All Yoga Owner and Instructor, offered free sessions throughout the event, saying:

“I have created a four-part series of yoga classes that interweave the teachings from the Medicine Wheel. As a way to connect and learn about the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and how to incorporate them into the yoga class. I’ve been working on this series for over a year. ”Bell also offers regular yoga classes at Marconi.

“Little Saulites” used the Kids and Neighborhood Zone, a “cool” hangout to escape the heat. The event was a great success and all the proceeds went to the soup kitchen.

A welcoming and inclusive community provides services in a way that suits the needs of all residents. They give members the opportunity to express themselves. When they work to attract individuals, they develop respect for each other. As a result, residents can take advantage of everyone’s strengths and recognize past and present injustices. A welcoming and inclusive community encourages celebrating Canada’s multicultural character while nurturing Canada’s deeper roots.

This weekend, Sault Ste. Marie gathered as a group for friendship and to support important purposes. In doing so, we educated young minds, engaged with teens, and united classrooms, workspaces, and all generations, genders, and cultures that shared the neighborhood.