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McGriff focused on establishing a new culture in restructuring Leon football.

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Tyrone McGriff is no stranger to Tallahassee. He attended Florida High School, played football for FAMU, and returned to Southwood University where he held various management and coaching roles.

When he assumed the role of head coach at Leon in mid-December, McGriff found the athletic scene in Leon County’s public schools to be very different from what he was a part of at his Florida high school. rice field. All five programs are competing for resources, players and each other on the field.

“I was in Florida high school, but it’s not the same culture,” McGriff said. It’s neither good nor bad, I had to adapt to the culture.”

Leon, a player who has left to play for other regional teams in the past, is one of the programs that has suffered the brunt of the hiring cycle at Big Bend. That instability has partially affected their results on the field. Since 2016 the program has made him 8-37.

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