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Marlins reliever draws trade interest

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Just as Detroit is interested in most of its bullpen, Miami thinks it has a few relievers on the block.Longtime Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro Tweet What fish are interested in left-handers Tanner Scott When Stephen Ockert same as right handed Dylan Frollo When Anthony Bass.

Scott, 28, leads the club with 14 saves and arguably has the best price tag as he has long plagued scouts with a blistering fastball and power slider dating back to his Baltimore days. He averaged 96.8 mph on that heater this season, taking his slider utilization to a career-high 66%. The result was his career-best 31.8% strikeout rate, a huge swing-strike rate of 15.3%, and his 31.3% chase rate on pitches outside of his strike zone.

Scott’s command, or lack thereof, is an elephant in the room. The southpaw has walked his 15.3% of his opponents this season, planked three hitters, and made wild pitches he threw twice. This has been the norm on the course throughout Scott’s career, evidenced by a bloated walk rate of 14%.If Scott’s command was average or just below average, his dominant blend of fastball and slider could make him one of the most dominant relievers in the sport. But that wasn’t the case, so the Marlins were with Scott. call salser from the Orioles in exchange for a competitive balanced draft pick (Round B) and two low-level minor leaguers this past offseason.

It’s been an amazing comeback for a player like Scott, especially considering he’s been in control throughout the 2024 season. The remaining control is clearly attractive to the club, but his asking price is also quite high. The Marlins have been known to seek immediate offensive upgrades in his returns on trades, and Scott’s two-plus seasons in control have left the team calling about the power-armed lefty. Sometimes it can encourage you to do so.

Okert, on the other hand, was a great find for Fish. The 31-year-old spent his nine years with the Giants’ organization and signed his league deal in the minors after failing to establish his place in the bullpen. He’s been stellar in Miami since his 2021 season, posting a combined 2.74 ERA, 29.3% strikeout rate, and 10.9% walk rate. Ockert doesn’t have Scott’s power and was prone to homers, but his slow breakout means he’ll have five more seasons under control.

With both Floro and Bass nearing free agency, it seems likely that they will change owners. Frollo, 31, is making $3 million this season, averaging less than a 17.7% strikeout rate and he pitched to a 3.49 ERA, but high walk and ground rate (5.3% and 50%, respectively). %). He’s excelled at keeping the ball in the yards throughout his career with the Rays, Cubs, Dodgers, and now the Marlins, with just 9 he hits 0.5 homers per frame.

However, Floro is not without red flags. He hasn’t been a particularly hard thrower, but we’ve seen the average heater drop from 93.8 mph in 2021 to 91.8 mph in 2022. And after posting the lowest hard-hitting percentage in a major in 2016-21 (31.5%), he gave in. His 41.4% hard hit percentage this season and his career-high average exit speed of 88.7 mph (the latter, to be fair, matches the league average).

Of the group as a whole, bass seems to be the best bet. The 34-year-old signed his two-year, $5MM contract with Miami ahead of the 2021 season, and in his first season in South Florida, he went 61 1/3 innings, posting a solid but unremarkable 3.82 ERA. was recorded. But this year, Bass has a 1.41 ERA, his career-best 26% strikeout rate and a very strong 5.8% walk rate. Like Scott, he’s been throwing the slider at a career-best rate (56%) and is enjoying great results thanks to his changes.

Bass is also under control for the 2023 season with a very reasonable $3MM club option. The Marlins are keen on competing in the near future, so it could be a valid reason for the Marlins to stick with him, but there are risks to sticking with the reliever even in his 35th season.

While any of the relief pitchers listed here make sense as trade candidates on their own, it’s interesting to think about their potential to be packaged as part of a larger deal. Combining any of the four is attractive to Contenders seeking help in the bullpen (this is true of almost all Contenders).The Marlins can also add a bullpen arm to their package if they’re looking to get even bigger returns.Pitchers such as Pablo Lopezthey are reportedly at least listening to offers.