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Mark Finchem May Not Have Winn Without Ducey, Business

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It’s no surprise that Mark Finchem won the Republican Party’s nomination for Secretary of State in the primary, which turned out to be the Republican’s most ardent voters.

It didn’t hurt to have the former president’s endorsement.

But there are also claims that a moderate contingent of Governor Doug Ducey and the business community helped secure Finchem’s victory.

There is little difference between Finchem and Bolick

The election was attended by three Republicans with political experience. Rep. Finkem and Shona Bolick are two unabashed Donald Trump supporters who have amplified the false narrative that election fraud cost the former president his reelection.

Lessons for Democrats:In the election for secretary of state, the one who stumbles last loses.

Their views are several degrees apart. Both said they, as secretaries of state, did not certify the 2020 election results. The two signed a letter to then-Vice President Mike Pence asking that he instead accept Trump’s alternative electoral votes or void all electoral votes until an audit is completed.