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Manchin 'taken by the cleaners' on climate change, tax deals

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  • Senator Pat Toomey on Sunday criticized the Democratic-led climate change and tax system backed by Joe Manchin.
  • A Republican told CNN, “It really looks like Joe Manchin was taken by the cleaning crew.
  • Democrats hail the proposed climate investments as long overdue.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey on Sunday criticized the Democratic-led climate, health care and tax deal created by Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, saying he A conservative West Virginia senator, who said he was “really surprised,” agrees with the proposal.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union Address,” the second-term Pennsylvania congressman told co-anchor Jake Tupper that he values ​​his relationship with Manchin, but what he expects to gain from the deal. ‘s bill “would be a disaster,” he said. .”

“I really like Joe Manchin. He and I have become friends over the years of working together in the Senate.” It really looks like to me.”

He continued: “And what does Joe get out of this? He gets a promise to pass some law on energy infrastructure sometime in the future. So this is a disaster. It makes inflation worse. I’m really surprised that you agreed to that.”

Mr. Manchin has played a very important role in the 50/50 Senate. Manchin’s vote could dictate everything from the settlement bill to the appointment of judges. Manchin has also resisted many of the larger social spending proposals that many Democrats have pushed for passage. his support for the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act has led many to vote for climate change legislation ahead of his November midterm elections, which could see Republicans regain one or both of his Houses of Congress. It has boosted the party’s morale as it had almost given up on enacting the

The measure authorizes a three-year extension of subsidies for individuals to purchase health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, while providing approximately $370 billion for climate and energy programs, reducing the federal budget deficit. provide $300 billion to reduce The bill would also generate approximately $739 billion in revenue over the next 10 years with a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% for companies with net income over $1 billion.

Toomey argued in an interview that the legislation would strip away the 2017 tax reform package signed by then-President Donald Trump.

Toomey also said the bill would “do nothing” to combat climate change, saying that despite the huge investment made in the proposal, many other countries would be left with little to no overall emissions. He pointed out the lack of a reduction program.

“What we need is a strong economy and the ability to find innovations and technologies that will allow us to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a large commercial scale,” he said. “But while these gestures may feel good, they’re not going to achieve it.”

Schumer and Manchin are aiming to pass the bill in August.