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Lulu Mayo's '101 Super Cute Cat Things To Draw' is fun

“101 How to Draw Super Cute Cats” by Lulu Mayo.

Whether you’re a cat lover, a cat lover, or just curious about cats, welcome to the magical world of Lulumayo with 101 Super Cute Cats to Draw.

With the book’s introduction, Mayo opens a window into the cuddly, rounded cat imagery that captivates artists, illustrators, and even those who enjoy graffiti.

As a result, she wants audiences of all ages and all skills to enjoy painting. We encourage you to enjoy our drawing projects, doodling prompts, and whimsical exercises.

Mayo has a lot to offer the audience during the preparation phase.

Lulu Mayo

For starters, she suggests professional colored pencils, graphite pencils (or a traditional #2 pencil if you prefer), pigment ink pens for adding detail, and art markers for creating strong bands. I have the tools. Color or shade or create patterns, good old trusty crayons for outlining and coloring large areas, a plastic or vinyl eraser, and a sketch pad. Sketch If you don’t have her book nearby, loose-leaf her pages or a flat paper bag may be suitable.

With some (or all) of these tools at hand, you can start by drawing lines. Mayo gives an example. Perhaps a straight line, a spiral line, or a hashed line. The double-page spread is blank, so you can practice making your favorite lines in the empty space.

Then colorize with cross-hatching, stippling (bringing small dots of color closer together), stumbling (random scribbles to create clumps of color), gradients (lightening, darkening, or blending colors) Technique follows.

Mayo then discusses how color expresses emotions and feelings and how it affects the tone of a painting.

She shows how the simple curves of the cat expressions and eye movements she draws can define emotions such as meanness, confidence, fear, and confusion.

The book is packed with an assortment of unique cat mashups including Dragon Cat, Unicorn Cat, Sushi Cat, Cactus Cat and even Pasta Cat.

The Pasta Cat Mashup page features a couple of cats wearing bow-tie-shaped pasta, also known as farfalle. Another photo on the same page shows a “shy” cat peeking through an opening in a large shell pasta (conchiglioni).

Veteran illustrator Mayo was asked how she keeps discovering new subjects for her art books. A reply to her email prompted a brief description of her own creative process.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to come up with ideas. “My epiphany moments always occur when I’m drawing by hand, with no real purpose other than to see what happens. My latest book, ‘101 Super Cute Cat Things to Draw’ ) is no exception. ”

The idea for the book came to her when she was drawing a lot of sushi cats.

“Then everything snowballed from there,” she added.

Another factor, fantasy, can influence her creative process. Mayo’s biographical sketch at the end of the book states that she is “passionate about daydreaming in her art world of fantasy populated by cats and magical creatures.”

How does she use her fantasies creatively?

She wrote in an email, “I like to daydream and escape to a wonderland inhabited by magical creatures. It often happens when I sketch with a pencil. I wait for plump animals to come to me, it’s my favorite part of the creative process.”

Mayo encourages people to daydream while holding a pencil. “You never know what will happen in the end,” she added.

Asked if he had any other cat-related picture books, Mayo replied, though not at the moment, “Let’s see if cat muses come to me again!”

Mayo is a London-based illustrator with 18 books, including the best-selling series A Million Creatures to Color.

She enjoys creating whimsical, quirky and cute illustrations and believes it is important to invite people into her fantasy art world where the imagination runs wild.

Her home is where her creativity flows.

“It’s a very relaxing environment where you can focus on drawing your book,” she said.