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Luli Fernandez explains why he limits his son's use of technology

“It’s something he doesn’t want because he didn’t agree with it. We try to hug him as long as possible. As you say, it takes time …”Shown in conversation with the model people,

And installed: “Boy, accustomed to not relying on the help that entertainment devices represent, we do our best! Especially Christians, despite 52 years, noticed that they were on the floor and kept throwing. This is a place he cherishes very much. “,

that too, Ruri Fernandez When she saw a friend whose son grew up using a mobile device, she revealed that she needed to compromise her position.

“As the years go by, the system beats us and we have to give up. And that’s okay. We don’t have resistance, but the first few years of life. Believes that it is not overly stimulated for its development. “Agree”, Specified by the panelist.

And he wiped out his thoughts on parenting: “Even if only the mother knows how important it is to keep the child off the screen until a certain age, if that is not 100% possible, at least reduce the time exposed to the child.”

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Lully Fernandez accuses Nicole Newman of taking her eight million steps down

Ruri Fernandez Pointed out Nicole Newman as the person responsible for reducing her from organized events Guido Kazka, 8 million steps.

Panelist Show partner What stopped being in the entertainment world Nicole Nothing happened during the trip.

“Three dates that left me without work because you told me not to do so”Said flower I am very confident looking at the camera. And he explained in detail.She has a pre-established trip by contract because I turned Nicole on eight stages before joining this program.

“But when I started to be part of my show partner, managing recording coordination was complicated by timing issues, and I’ve done a lot of work as a model, hosting, and my agenda. Is always the case, so once you see the dates, those dates are fixed. “He continued.


Luli Fernandez explains why he limits his son's use of technology

“I had some plans to go to Los 8 Escalon because Nicole was absent in June, but on June 14th, they told me that Nicole was going to attend and that would leave my job. So I tell them, “I knew how strange they were three days ago because I stopped doing other things for this.”Blessed guarantee Ruri Fernandez,

“What caught my attention was that Nicole wasn’t there while Sol Solaro was on air on the 17th. I had that date. Then I started to remember, And a few days before speaking at the event, he said, The panelist pointed out.

Hit straight Nicole Newman, “It’s obvious that I’m offended when I’m attending a show, but I have a lot of messing around with my colleagues’ work. It’s definitely because I’m a puppy, not because I’m a puppy.” We have taken the first step in this area. “

“I have nothing personal with Nicole Newman. I don’t have this with anyone in the environment. I do my best and take it seriously.”He insisted flower,