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Lioness boosts business as teams make historic finals

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The Lionesses of England are the winners because they carry the women’s and girls’ sports flag regardless of the outcome of today’s England vs. Germany match.

The women’s Euro 2022 football tournament saw record viewership and stadiums packed with supporters provided a welcome boost to retail sales.

England team store, official kit supplier Nike
and ASOS have reportedly run out of most sizes of England shirts for women. There are also a growing number of her eBay resellers looking to capitalize on the growing interest.

Timothy Williams, head of sportswear at ASOS, told City Am. “England Women’s Euro 22 Home saw exceptional demand and sales for her jersey thanks to the Lioness’s outstanding performance. We wish the team all the best as we head into the final on Sunday.”

According to a survey by price comparison site Footy.Com, as the profiles of England players rise, it’s Lucy Bronze’s name that most fans want to have on the back of their shirt.

The growing interest in women’s teams is clear, with 84% of fans saying they are more likely to buy a women’s soccer jersey now compared to the FIFA 2019 Women’s World Cup. Just over two-thirds of her potential buyers (67%) who are parents or guardians have requested apparel from their favorite player or team because they want their child to emulate a hero said.

England’s women’s soccer captain, Leah Williamson, speaks out about the impact her team has on equals. “What we’ve already seen is that this has changed not only women’s football, but society as a whole and how we see it,” she said.

“There will be moments of reflection. My job is to go out and win, but I hope this is the start. This is a marker for the future.”

Earlier this year, the football star signed a deal with Italian fashion house Gucci, and experts say many potential brand deals are on the horizon as the team’s players have grown into household names in recent weeks. I predict that

With millions attending tonight’s Lioness final, the surge in interest in women’s football is staggering and many football fans know it’s the first time they’ve seen a women’s game. I admit it.

Grocery retailer Iceland is closing all of its stores earlier than usual to allow staff to watch the game as sold-out crowds flock to Wembley Stadium. The online stream will also end at 5pm so staff can watch UEFA.
Women’s final.

Tuesday’s semifinal victory was watched by an average of 7.9 million people, according to PA News and Overnight ratings, so the match is likely to draw the biggest television audience of the year.

The journey to success has been aided by the support and guidance of thousands of grassroots organizations across the UK. There is no doubt that these organizations give due attention to women in sport and celebrate the excellent play of their dedicated teams.