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Lex Borrero shares his plans to improve Latin entertainment

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Lex Borrero, co-founder of Interscope’s Neon16 label, took his seat at the table and brought out a plate. During his teenage years, Bolero understood the importance of networking. After hundreds of missed calls, he finally caught the attention of Universal Music and signed his first artist under his single Lex Prods. when he was 17 years old. He became executive vice president and head of the Latin division at Roc Nation, where he met and later formed the career of reggaeton he Tainy. The two of them now jointly run Neon16, with Borrero serving as his CEO.

Borrero’s latest project is a new documentary-style reality series called Los It’s Montaner. Banner for Ntertain, Trio’s new content company.

He has a mountain of responsibility, but Bolero has joined variety We talk about Ntertain, the production of Stan Lee’s endorsed Latino superhero and key to his entrepreneurial evolution.

Why did you have to start Ntertain with the reality-style documentary series Los Montaner?

My first thought when starting the company was: “

I have known the Montaner family (Riccardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky, Evarna and their dear family Steffi, Sara and Camilo) for some time. We’ve played a lot of music with them, and during quarantine, they’ve truly become the most viral Latin family.

Montanas already approached by Bunim Murray [“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”] We shot the pitch trailer, but it wasn’t picked up shopped. When my family showed me the trailer, I saw it and was like, ‘Wow, this is not the way to introduce this family. That show never sold for the same reason.

Then we creatively approached the show in a different way, ending up with a more documentary style. I use a lot of archive footage. [Ricardo] Always filmed, he always had his camera on. I think he really resonates not only from an emotional place, but also from an artistic and creative sensibility.

From your perspective, is there an opportunity in the market for a company like Ntertain? How does the company respond to your goal of ‘pushing the boundaries’ of Latin culture?

I would say that the last five years have been a renaissance of cultural change. You’ve now seen these incredibly huge corporations come in and help black film and black television in ways that evolve those stories.

I think it is a space of freedom and creativity that has been opened up in the last few years. Now I feel like that’s what the Latin community is missing. I think Hollywood, which is part of the growth of any industry, has been using standard stereotypical Latin words for a long time. It feels like there is this huge space.

Are there other themes or stories you would like to explore?

We are working with Stan Lee’s POWs! Entertainment about his one of the Latin superheroes he wrote before he died. We took this superhero he created and adapted the story to resonate with what is happening politically in our country. It raises very real problems for people and how they relate to the rest of the world.

I’m also working on an article about Wall Street.The idea came from all over GameStop [stock frenzy] Because it was then that I realized I had no Latin at all [wealth fund managers]We all have this perception of what the American dream is, but when we measure it as Latinos and against the kinds of values ​​taught in our culture, , what does that mean?

You are at the crossroads of various ventures, how did television and film catch your eye?

The moment I saw an opportunity to tell an impactful story in the world of visuals and production, I knew I knew nothing about it, but I knew I was going to pursue it. Like the world of music, I entered the world of film and television. I listened to the terms and learned what they meant, and spoke with these execs on the phone at various streamers to hear some of the terms for the questions they were asking. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I got it.

Tell us about the upcoming talent show La Firma on Netflix. From Rauw Alejandro to Yandel to Nicki Nicole to Tainy, we have an amazing panel of judges.

I really thought about the concept of cover songs and how past talent shows were judge-centric and lacked certain parts.I felt like I got an inside look at how an artist was made, like when I saw Puff or ‘Making the Band’

And ‘La Firma’ is a show about it. We brought 12 of his artists who were already writing music and had a sense of style to Miami for a 12-week competition. process. I was shocked at the level of talent we came out with. You are also a competitor, so every artist goes into the studio wanting to make the best music. They are transitioning from sessions to dance classes, choreography and media training. So this is the life of an artist.

How does Neon16’s growth correlate with increased Latin music revenue in the US, which is set to exceed $1 billion this year?

I think it goes back to what we did with Marketplace. We emerged through marketing, through creative ideas. This crossover eventually became the current global culture. We had to change the way we approach creative ideas, the way we do business and the value of producers. At Tainy, we wanted to show that. Producers are such an important part of our creative process that they used to be worthless. Similar to what we do at Ntertain, we tell the world: We are as good as everyone else. “

What is your business relationship with Tainy?

It’s just a little thing. It started as a friendship, and business-wise it evolved into management, helping him throughout his career and the creative process. It’s really been a great partnership. We’ve been able to develop relationships that truly understand what each role is and how to grow those roles and integrate them into the business.

What’s the secret to your evolution in business and music?

Understand your purpose and find meaning in what you do beyond financial success and fame. I think evolution happens the moment you understand where you are going. I have noticed that many people, especially many young people, are starting to go round and round. Sometimes I don’t pause to truly understand what I want. I truly believe that you attract what you think all the time.