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Letter: In memory of our biggest winner, Bill Russell

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Bill Plaschke’s column on Bill Russell was a beautiful tribute.

When pundits talk about Russell’s career as a great winner, they naturally always mention his 11 NBA titles, but that’s not all. He also led USF to his second consecutive NCAA championship, achieving his then-record 60-game winning streak, and led his team to a gold medal at the 1956 United States Olympics. Long before NBA players could compete for our country.

Bill Russell is the biggest winner in sports history. period.

Jim Perry


My memory of Bill Russell was shaped by his old radio show on KABC. Best to date. I still cite his daily signature. And his distinctive laugh, played by Jim Healy many times.

Noel Park
Rancho Palos Verdes


Bill Russell had an afternoon radio talk show in LA in the early 1970s. At the time, I only knew him as a central figure on his team, the Celtics, who thwarted the Lakers’ championship year after year and broke our hearts, but every day before I went to work the night shift, I had to take care of him. As soon as I heard the story, I knew. Although he often stayed away from sports, especially politics and social issues, he was a good thinker and deeply philosophical. I quickly became a fan and admirer of this rare real human being. And when a certain new hot in the NBA asked a caller if his guard was as good as Jerry West, his immediate and emphatic answer was “No!” And that was it.

Del Franklin

university in front of me

According to Bill Plaschke, “20 of the nation’s top kids have transferred to USC from other schools” and are getting into soccer. Focusing on USC’s recent ballpark failures, he quotes Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams as saying: very! But speaking to Williams and other football transferees who plan to use USC’s generous financial support as an easy ticket to fame and fortune for themselves, the foundation of college is education. reminds me of go to class You can benefit long after your NFL days are over.

Vic Paros


Yes, even sports pages can find synchronous irony. On Sunday, page D1 above the crease was occupied by the heading: Below is the story of a young man who always felt pressured to play good college sports, but didn’t feel good enough.

Two inches away is another headline for Bill Plaschke’s column. As Stan Lee liked to say, “‘Nuff said!

Mitch Paradise
Los Angeles


A few years ago, when the USC basketball program gave Bill Sherman’s “retired” number to current players, there was no mention.

For the football program to now be out of “retirement,” Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer’s number must confirm to all alumni that the “Trojan Family” has undergone a divorce from its history and traditions. there is.

Bill Boyd


No tradition! Bring in a hired football player. Call them “student-athletes” instead of mercenaries. Forget team, school, pride and spirit. It’s all about notoriety and money. But what about his remaining 95% of USC footballers, where is the fairness, the nobility and the honor? Apparently it doesn’t matter to USC.

Joseph F. Pagi Jr.

Seriously, Dodgers?

Joey Gallo?? Are you serious? ? Meanwhile, with Gallo, Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger in the lineup at the same time, air conditioning costs inside Dodger Stadium are kept to a minimum.

Herb Schoenberg


Unusually, the Dodgers might have defended their future and (along with Juan Soto) forfeited the 2022 pennant to the Padres.

Jack Wishard
Los Angeles


Good thing the Dodgers beat the Giants. The Dodgers overwhelmed the Giants in his four-game series in Los Angeles. The Dodgers overwhelmed the Giants in his four-game series in San Francisco.

Ken Blake

Bravo! Bravo!

I have been a subscriber of The Times for 50 years. Ben Bolch’s article on Thomas Cole. This was one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time and one of his important ones. Ben’s UCLA coverage is great. They are detailed and informative. The Times is lucky to have Ben.

Bob Waldorf


Bravo to Hall of Famer Dick Vermeil! Everyone remembers his Super Bowl victory with the Eagles, but it’s not until he led UCLA to a shocking Ohio upset in his 1976 Rose Bowl that robbed the Buckeyes of a national championship. Few people remember it. This was probably the biggest victory in Bruin history!

jack wolf
Los Angeles


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