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Kyler Murray, Trey Lance's Top "Under Duress" List

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There is no name listed in this week’s edition Chris Brusard’s The “Under Duress” list is in the middle of their playing season.

Nonetheless, it does not alleviate the pressure they face as they prepare for future competition, and according to the “First Things First” co-sponsor, each is worth including in his regular top five. I have a case with.

Let’s jump into the list.

Kyler Murray, Trey Lance’s Top Brother Under Durres List

See which sport names are being threatened this week, according to Chris Brusard.

5.5. Dallas Cowboys Head coach Mike McCarthy

Outlook: Last season, Mike McCarthy led Dallas to his first appearance after the season since 2018. However, at the end of the team’s opening round, pressure levels soared into McCarthy’s danger zone as a result of a suspicious quarterback draw call with 14 seconds remaining. Dallas “L” row time and notch.

This season, McCarthy is teaching more than a redemption clause, and if he fails to meet the high expectations of the Cowboys, his job may be required.

Broussard’s idea: “I saw Jerry Jones doing the opposite because he intended a press conference to dismiss all rumors about Mike McCarthy’s employment security,” he said. There is. ” Cowboys start with Tampa and Cincinnati. Starting from 0-2, the heat under the Mike McCarthy seat is 1,000 ratchets. “

Dallas Cowboys Sign US FLMVP KaVontae Turpin

Dallas Cowboys Sign US FLMVP KaVontae Turpin

Check out the season highlights for KaVontae Turpin from New Jersey Generals as the Dallas Cowboys sign him for the next NFL season.

4.4. San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan Head Coach & GM John Lynch

Outlook: This is clear from the 49ers brass. TreyLance will be the starter of the team for the first week of the season. After unloading the property in the 2021 draft, it was only a matter of time before the team handed Reims the key to his vehicle and moved up and caught him, but Reims was the only one in his class. It was the first round of QB. Considered the starter of his first season.

Needless to say, the guy currently sitting behind Lance on the depth chart (Jimmy Garoppolo) has a resume that includes the look of the Super Bowl and a trip to the NFC title game last season. Talk about trust in unproven players.

Broussard’s idea: “They not only gave up four picks, including three first-rounders of the FCS quarterback, but also dumped two NFC title games and quarterbacks that led to the Super Bowl in two healthy seasons... He is a very popular man in the locker room. It’s a better job because the players in that locker room are eager for the Super Bowl. And not to mention Deebo Samuel, who sits in the training camp until he signs a contract. “

3.3. Boston Celtics Executive Brad Stevens

Outlook: Stevens ruffled some wings when the news reported that he had provided starguard Jaylen Brown to Brooklyn Nets in hopes of robbing the team of Kevin Durant. This move had a great impact on many people. They found it difficult to understand that the team was willing to dismantle the core core that made the NBA Finals a few months ago.

Durant is definitely a generational talent, but if Stevens & Company can’t do miracles in Nets, they may get dissatisfied players for the foreseeable future.

Broussard’s idea: “It was leaked that he provided Kevin Durant with the second best player, Jaylen Brown. We need to deal with the impact of that leak. Whether to trade for KD. You have to decide. Marcus Smart or Robert Williams? What if Kevin Durant remained vulnerable? He played 90 games in the last three years. Now you are nine years ago. Looks like an anti-Ainge who remembers escaping these nets. “

Jayson Tatum Addresses Kevin Durant-Celtics Rumors | Indisputable

Jayson Tatum Addresses Kevin Durant-Celtics Rumors | Indisputable

“He’s a great player, but that’s not my decision. I love our team. I’m just out there and playing with my teammates. I won’t put it in [general manager] I hate making decisions. ”

2.2. San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance

Outlook: It’s almost impossible to get much out of Lance’s stat line last season: 41-of-71 (57.7%), 603 yards, 5 TDs and 2 INTs. Intangible assets are undoubtedly abundant for Greenhorn’s talents, including arm strength, athletic performance, and the presence of pockets. But for the past few years, gaming experience hasn’t been a specialty of the 22-year-old. Shanahan and Lynch appreciate the young wonders very much, but Lance has not yet proved himself when the lights are brightest.

Broussard’s idea: “It’s not a Super Bowl or a bust, but it’s close. They want to win. NFC title game or bust, division round or bust. It’s difficult for a guy who has started three games in the last two and a half years. I’m trailing. I like the possibilities, but let’s see if he can survive [the hype.]””

1.1. Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

Outlook: Murray has a bag he’s very coveted, but would have been a fiery and illustrious spot in his career when the particular “addendum” of his contract was made publicly available. Things were hurt. According to the above addendum, Murray must complete at least four hours of film studies before each game. If he does not, or is found to be multitasking during this investigation, he is reported to be considered the “default” of his agreement.

This currently published addendum was a blow to his peace if Murray thought the new deal would calm the turmoil surrounding his play.

Broussard’s idea: “This should be a week’s celebration for Kyler Murray. He got $ 230 million, but it was still a confusing week. Now he just watches the movie. Not because they hate it, they had to put it in his contract. Now all bad passes, all blown readings will return to it. “

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