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Keep left-wing doctrine away from Georgia's civic education

Nationally, progressive educators are a means of teaching students how America is systematically racist and oppressive, and how to incite leftist causes to change it. I grabbed the course. Critical race theory (state-sanctioned racism that imposes “white privilege”) and associated dangerous nonsense (probably historian Howard Zinn’s propaganda, or the 1619 project) form the basis of classroom instruction. increase. Complementary “action civics” (course-based political upsets) encourage students to practice newly discovered political religions.

Pat Dorty

Credit: Courtesy Photo

Credit: Courtesy Photo

Pat Dorty

Credit: Courtesy Photo

Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Action Civic” may sound like a good way to attract students, but in reality it teaches teachers what to do: the foundations of the American Republic, and evaluates and discusses the pros and cons of policy making. It is a detriment to letting you do it. What happens in the Action Civic is getting caught in Dujour due to an immature and poorly prepared adolescent (the most popular is gun control, but others are anti-racism, lowering the voting age to 16 years, (Includes “biased” school discipline, etc.), reluctant classmates get along well.

Does a 16 year old want to be left out of his current enthusiasm, especially when the course grades are on it?

National leftist groups see such perhaps bipartisan initiatives as a means of imposing critical racial theory and leftist behavioral citizens. This will also happen in Georgia unless the Georgia Commission ruled out that possibility.

At the heart of the civic education debate is whether America was historically good or bad in nature. For most Georgia parents, America is by far the best force in the world, and historical failures such as slavery and racism have been and will be addressed through our constitutional genius. I want children to be taught that they will continue to be dealt with.

Some civil society views are different, embracing the “awakened” doctrine of condemning “racist” and acting citizens designed to dismantle this alleged racist structure. Is advocating.

For example, the national organization iCivics operates a national network of organizations called CivXNow and has produced a report on how Illinois worked on civic education. The report included comments from officials at the Chicago Public Schools. Citizen involvement, if you are not in school and are unaware of whiteness and privileges, the citizen course can become oppressive very quickly for young people of color. “

An insulting suggestion is that minority students can only successfully learn citizens if they focus on the fundamentally racist beliefs of critical race theory. Georgia parents want their children to have a genuine civic education. They want them to understand how government works and, more importantly, to develop knowledge and deep appreciation for our constitutional genius. They will not understand it unless the Georgia Civic Board of Education explicitly approves the model, rather than the model that seeks to indoctrinate and turn students into activists.

It’s a shame that well-meaning Republican leaders run into the trap of strengthening leftist influence in public schools, and in the process create mis-educated citizens who will govern our state in the future. Governor Kemp and members of the Commission must not allow it to happen.

The author of this guest column, Pat Daugherty, is a former administrator at the University of Georgia.