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Katie Godfrey Kilgore '16 Fount Coffee + Kitchen for Community Culture

Some might say that Katie Godfrey Kilgore ’16, who graduated from North Carolina State University and was raised by alumni, was destined to be a member of the Wolfpack. Kilgore said that in high school he was enrolled in the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), and a desire to learn the basics of organization led Poole to choose the College of Management.

“I was very impressed with what Poole had to offer and felt that a degree in business would help me become more balanced as an individual,” Kilgore said. I was naturally inclined to the fields of communications and the humanities, but it was not until Poole and my potential degree grew that it offered great value to the professional path I had chosen for the long term. I felt that it refined me in a way that helped me.”

PCJ Memories

Kilgore’s time at Poole College consisted of studying and working on projects with his classmates over early morning coffee in the Port City Java (PCJ) Lounge at Nelson Hall. Academic Her relationships with advisors, faculty, and hands-on learning in the classroom have shaped her personal and professional existence today.

Katy poses outside Carter Finley Stadium after graduation in 2016

During her academic career, Kilgore assisted the president’s leadership development program and volunteered in North Carolina’s lead-to-lead program. After that, she became the leader of Young Her Life and dedicated herself to investing most of her time and energy in the students she was building relationships with at Enlo High School.

Founding Fountain

Two years after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing, Kilgore, her husband, and best friend who became a business partner recognized the need and opportunity of a business like Fount Coffee + Kitchen. did. They dreamed, brainstormed, wrote a business plan, got a loan, signed a lease, and opened the door for Faunt to leave his corporate job and dive fully into the world of hospitality.

Katie (3rd from left) and next generation Fount Coffee + Kitchen

“We believed, and still do, that sharing food and drink together is a universal language of relationship building and solidarity. We are committed to high standards because we feel strongly about how we deliver: reflect and communicate the values ​​you place in individuals,” said Kilgore.

Kilgore believes that successful small business ownership requires a commitment to learning and growing and an innate ability to do the hard things, receive feedback, recognize mistakes, apologize, ask for help, pride and self-reliance. I believe there is a willingness to deny the trend.

Giving back to the Poole Pack

Kilgore’s father, David Godfrey, established the Caitlin Godfrey Kilgore Scholarship for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Poole College in honor of his daughter.

I am immeasurably grateful for the blessing of having a family member who helped pay for my college tuition and experience, and paying it forward.

“I am immeasurably grateful for the blessing of having a family member who helped pay for my college tuition and experience, and paying it forward,” Kilgore said. For wanting to be a means of tangible grace and care to students in need, nevertheless, for dedicating my time at North Carolina State University to this work, I am grateful. I am humbled and honored.”