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Jansen has been appointed as the next IT director of the Faculty of Education

July 28, 2022

Lisa Jansen was recently appointed as the new IT Director of UW-Madison School of Education.

Jansen will begin this role on Monday, August 1st, providing leadership and vision for the Faculty of Education and its Information Technology Support. She leads a new IT leadership trio within the school — Academic Technology and Library Director Anna Lewis and the upcoming Research IT Director (formerly known as the Wisconsin Education Center Research IT Director). This trio is designed to be more responsive to the mission areas of core / functional technology, academic technology, and research technology.

Lisa Jansen was recently appointed as the new IT Director of UW-Madison School of Education. This is the role she will start on August 1st. (Photo: John Sable)

Jansen takes on the role of director at a time when schools are keen to help increase enrollment, create and support more data-driven tools, and help implement campus-wide management transformation projects. .. Jansen’s extensive experience, dynamic leadership, and participation in large-scale campus projects have prepared Jansen well for this important role in school. She will be a member of the Senior Staff Leadership Team in the Faculty of Education.

“We are very pleased to join Lisa as the new IT director in the Faculty of Education,” says Kristen Hendrickson, Chief Financial Officer of the school. “Lisa brings 30 years of experience and deep knowledge of information technology at UW-Madison to her new role. The relationships she has built, and the relationships she has built, are our strategic and customer-centric. It will have a huge impact on the improvement of IT services in Japan. Lisa will be able to start. “

Janssen’s extensive experience on campus includes serving as Interim Director of Learning Support Services at Letters & Science University since 2018 and Associate Director of the unit for the past decade. Prior to that, she was a Senior Educational Technology Consultant for Learning Support Services from 1997 to 2008, and from 1987 to 1997 she was a help desk manager and computer training for the UW-Coordinator Extension, which is now part of UW-Madison. I was a coordinator. ..

Janssen’s various experiences in managing teams and services within the College of Literature and Science are ready to tackle opportunities and challenges within the Faculty of Education. Her long track record includes developing talented staff, creating hands-on communities, and stepping up to support campus projects such as IT titles and rewards.

Her approach to providing high quality IT services is rooted in the goal of providing superior customer service, ensuring accessibility, and prioritizing mission and strategy over technical decisions.

“We are very much looking forward to working with some of the university’s students, faculty and staff who have a positive impact on Wisconsin’s health, arts and educational outcomes,” says Jansen. “I’m fortunate to be able to start with a strong IT foundation already built by IT staff and leaders in the Faculty of Education.”

Members of the school community will be able to meet Jansen and other new faculty members throughout the school at the annual Welcome Back Bash event on September 1st.