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Jackie Robinson Museum Opens in New York City

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New York (AP) — The Jackie Robinson Museum opened in Manhattan on Tuesday with a gala ceremony attended by the wife of 100-year-old Barrier. Destroy both the ball player and his children.

Rachel Robinson, who turned 100 on July 19, saw a 30-minute outdoor celebration from a wheelchair in the heat of 80 degrees and cut a ribbon to cap a project started in 2008. rice field.

Her 72-year-old daughter, Sharon, also stares from her wheelchair, and her 70-year-old son, David, speaks to a crowd of about 200 people sitting in folding chairs lined up in a closed section of New York’s main Valic Street. rice field. A wheelchair in New York with a 19,380-square-foot museum.

“The baseball problem, the problem Jackie Robinson challenged in 1947, they’re still with us,” said David Robinson. “The signs of” white only “have been removed, but the complexity of equal opportunity still exists. ”