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Is the rise of pickleball a threat to tennis?

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Hello everyone….

• If you win the Suicide Pool at Wimbledon, you are obligated to give me a souvenir. Please contact us by DM or email address.

• We are eagerly awaiting the results of Zverev’s investigation. On the other hand, here’s a cautionary tale about golf. What if sports lacked a domestic violence policy?

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Where do you stand in pickleball? Everyone I know seems to have an opinion. Tomorrow is our first lesson!

Amy F., Boston

• Media rules passed by committee while no one was looking. No print publication worthy of its masthead can get through the summer without exploring the pickleball frenzy. This is the New Yorker from last week. And before that, Sports Illustrated. and the NYT. Tennis magazine, which has terrified many, recently featured a pickleball on its cover. Simply put, Sports Illustrated helped me pay for law school by giving me offbeat assignments. In 1996(!), my dear editor Myra Gelband called me and asked if I wanted to go write about this “new” sport they were playing at her Pacific Northwest fitness center. Behold!