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Is Rams QB Matthew Stafford's elbow injury a major concern?

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Matthew Stafford Elbow injuries are so uncommon that they have been compared to other sports to find similarities.

Baseball is the game that comes up most when discussing his recent illness, and while Rams head coach Sean McVay didn’t go so far as to call it “tendonitis” in his elbow on Thursday, several pitchers admitted to addressing the mirroring problem.

“It’s a tricky deal,” McVay told reporters at the team’s press conference on Thursday. I am learning.”

“On the fly” isn’t the most reassuring approach for fans of the franchise, especially as it relates to star QBs.

And despite the Rams’ best efforts to downplay the severity of the injury, including having Stafford attend a 7-for-7 pitching practice on Thursday, Chris Broussard said he could see right in front of them. I believe we can. For Broussard, the situation is especially concerning for the team.

“I’m not predicting fate, but I think it’s more than just arm fatigue.” I got over it and played good.Then I had anti-inflammatory injections in the offseason.They thought it would ease the pain.He didn’t throw.OTA or minicamp training camp and a few days ago the elbow started bothering him.

Matt Stafford is battling ‘bad tendonitis,’ according to Sean McVay

Matthew Stafford will not be attending practices with the team in hopes of recovering from his injured elbow, but the pain could persist into the 2022 season. Determines how worried the defending champion should be.

“That was probably a surprise for the Rams. And now he’s not going to throw out the rest of training camp. That’s something to worry about…don’t overreact, but compare the quarterback situation to pitchers in MLB.” Whenever you look at how often pitchers get hurt, it’s not good.”

Nick Wright expressed further unease.

“I think it’s pretty disturbing,” he said. “I’m going to say that Sean McVay’s talk about keeping him out of practice is enough confirmation that we need it.

“I’m not tall enough to pick the Rams repeatedly as Super Bowl champions, but I think they should be one of the two best teams in the conference. , and the downside is that they’ve built a very top-heavy roster.”

The Rams certainly boast one of the most star-studded rosters in the NFL, but they seem far from title contenders without a strong signal-caller. And if injuries continue to plague Stafford’s throwing elbows, it could find itself in a difficult world as the team embarks on its repeat quest.

“No team can deal with the loss of a star quarterback for very long, but when you look at how they are built, they have the best defensive player, the best corner, the best football player in football. Some people argue they have receivers. Elsewhere they don’t have depth,” Wright opined. These are all minor concerns that can be major concerns. This is not dire, but it is clearly a concern.

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