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iQIYI Celebrates Valentine's Day in China with Romantic Content and Exciting Entertainment Innovations

Beijing, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI is a market-leading and innovative online entertainment service. Chinais excited to dedicate a rich selection of online content and offline activities to Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Tanabata festival. iQIYI remains committed to providing users with creative entertainment experiences that break the boundaries between online and offline entertainment.

Rich content ecosystem with high quality romantic content

The latest addition to iQIYI’s already extensive content library is most loveis a romantic film produced by iQIYI that chronicles the emotionally romantic journey of a young couple and is set to hit cinemas nationwide. August 4thBefore the official premiere, most love Screened at closed events in about 100 cities around the world. China and was well received. Viewers noted the film’s poignant plot and nuanced storytelling, commenting that the realistic yet thought-provoking film far exceeded their expectations.

“Almost Love” poster

Also, to celebrate this Tanabata festival, iQIYI has set up a Tanabata-themed section on its platform, featuring romance-themed content such as: true love forever, moonlight, sweet tooth, When love under the full moon. In addition to i like you just the way you areiQIYI’s romance-themed Sweet On Theater announced the release of four more romantic dramas in May.Fairy and devil’s love, see you again Mr. Budd, When love in time— Expanding on iQIYI’s already strong romantic content offering.

Leverage Content Ecology to Deliver Innovative Entertainment Experiences

iQIYI’s commitment to providing quality entertainment to its users goes beyond creating premium content. The company actively explores the options offered by the latest technological innovations while seeking new ways to connect audiences and content. This Qixi marks Sweet On Theater’s first appearance on Baidu’s metaverse platform XiRang. Users of the XiRang app, who have the chance to win special prizes such as iQIYI annual memberships, are invited to participate in a “treasure hunt” where they can find clues related to various Sweet On programs.

XiRang App Users Join Sweet On Program Treasure Hunt

XiRang App Users Join Sweet On Program Treasure Hunt

Similarly, other Qixi festivals curated by iQIYI demonstrate iQIYI’s dedication to providing entertainment experiences that break the boundaries between online and offline.For example, the original iQIYI variety show the rap of China 2022 and iQIYI’s Sweet On Theater are hosting a contest for rhyming romantic phrases.

iQIYI also hosts offline activities. China to celebrate Tanabata. for example, Chongqing Citi invites couples to embrace and celebrate their love while showing classic scenes from Sweets on Theater.Several shopping malls in Jiangmen Guangdong Province and Yantai Shandong In the state, Sweet On Theater and Hong Kong Jewelry brand 3DG Jewelry. Finally, due to the increasing popularity of murder mystery games, Chinaat the Murder Mystery Game Shop NINES. Chinaafter bookmarking Sweet On Theater in the iQIYI app.

With these online and offline activities, iQIYI is committed to providing users with an integrated romantic entertainment experience during Qixi.

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