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Interview with Patton Oswalt on Netflix, COVID and Cancel Culture – The Hollywood Reporter

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Indeed, Patton Oswalt is difficult to identify. He is an actor to hire, a cartoon writer, and a narrator for Sitcom. But at the heart of him is Oswald, a stand-up comedian.

On September 20th, he will release Netflix’s fourth hour. We all scream.. He is an executive producer with David Rath, Neal Marshall and Marcus Raboy, and for the first time he is a special director that he is particularly proud of. In fact, Oswalt currently has other Hollywood project directors at the top of his professional bucket list.

His time at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado touches on everything from aging to pandemics. According to Oswalt, this setting was less geographic than where the Denver stop fell during the tour. He was also keen on switching his locale from special to special, and had already shot for hours in Seattle and San Francisco.

Earlier this month, Oswalt The Hollywood ReporterA phone call from his 405 car where an Emmy-winning comic frankly talked about creating content for a broken American and tackling both awakening and cancel culture.

You have a lot of things happening. How did you decide it was time for the tour?

It’s funny. What I do in other areas is to write, act, produce, everything to increase my visibility and allow me to stand up. Stand-up is always what I do. I’m wondering if I’m working on the next set and what the next time will be. So that doesn’t mean I find time, it means that everything else fits around me standing up.

I took it. When it comes to putting this set together, what did you want to say with it?

I never approach anything special in terms of what I want to do with the statements in my treatise. I want to make it an accurate reflection of my way of doing things at that time.So my last special, I felt like I came out of sadness [Oswalt’s first wife died in 2016] And I had love again [he remarried in 2017] And things felt a kind of hope. This is less hopeful, but ok, we feel like we’re coming out of a lot, not necessarily from the darkness, but from loneliness. So I admit that I’ve been programming a lot of our own loneliness lately and trying to fight it. In an interesting way, it shows that there is danger.I say at some point [in the special,] We all remember saying before the pandemic, “If I could get myself for only a month to put my life together.” And the universe said, “Well, what about four and what about twelve?” So it really accepts that absurdity, the entire aspect of the real monkey’s paw in which we live.

You have titled the tour “Who is ready to laugh?” Is that the question you are asking yourself: are people ready to laugh again, and has that changed what they are laughing at?

Ironically, it meant asking, “Hey, who is ready to laugh?”It’s as if, after all the hell we’ve experienced, the absurdity of what comedians do at this point, I really feel like a moderator cabaret Lots of time. For example, what am I really doing to this seemingly dark tide we are facing? So the title was desperately intended to be interesting. My interpretation was something like “Hey, I’m Titanic entertainment right now.” Because that’s the mood these days.

We live in this very painstaking era, and you never go away from topics like vaccine resistance in your comedy. Do you notice that your material is received differently while traveling, and are you worried about keeping the audience away with it?

I always hope, “Okay, how are you feeling in the country? What should I say?” At least I hope my audience doesn’t sound like a boast, but they’re joking about me, And he seems to know that I am trying to accept the absurdity of everything I live in. That is, if someone told us that in our lifetime a deadly pandemic would occur and react like “this is not real”, like those during the Salem Witch Trials. , [think they were crazy].. But that’s the madness we live in and we can’t avoid it.

But while the rest of us are working in each bubble, you’re moving from state to state and seeing how things land differently.

yes. But you know, it has become really, really hopeful for me. I quote his friend Bobcat Goldthwait here, but especially when you go out into the world as a touring comedian, you can see that Twitter and the Internet are not the world. Twitter and the Internet amplify the mutant version of the world for entertainment clicks. But in the real world, most people live helping each other and just struggle to be human. Unfortunately, it’s like having bad parents modeling terrible behavior for us, and we’re kids. That’s what we’re looking at right now.

Who do you think is bouncing material lately?

Book a few months before the special, once a month for two nights in a row, like The Irvine Improv at the Road Comedy Club. Here you need to actually edit and polish it. Nothing is more humble than a weekday audience that doesn’t have time for you.They let you know [how you did] It’s not an uncertain word.

Many people say it’s scary to be on stage right now, both because they don’t know what’s going to happen and because they don’t know how the material goes out of context. Are there any of these concerns you share?

I think comedians deserve the context of what they say. In addition to “cancelling” from the context, I think comedians have a responsibility to evolve and move things forward. Also, pushing the envelope does not mean digging your foot while the envelope is moving forward. You must be in front of the envelope. That way, you need to push the envelope. And again, the whole battle for awakening is nothing new. This happens in the 80’s, in the 90’s, and in another way again.That’s what I was talking about [in the special].. I’m joking in the future, what is the reason for the cancellation? And you don’t know, but at least you want to keep progressing.

of course.

Another thing I would like to say is that comedy has always worked well with restrictions. Think about the limits that Richard Pryor and George Carlin, and their former Lenny Bruce, had. They found a clever and wonderful way, whatever the restrictions. That made it so much fun and thrilling.

How are you feeling today? What are the restrictions you are operating?

I don’t know, that’s not what I’m thinking. It’s just that the taboo subjects should always be, and then there should always be a wise way to talk about them. You want both of them. But if everything is allowed, comedy has no thrills.

Nothing is dangerous, so nothing is exciting.

yes, Exactly..