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Indian envoys ask young diasporas to connect with their roots and culture

Suggests that US gurdawaras can help new immigrants with basic consular services

By Surekha Vizh

Indian Ambassador Tarangit Singh Sandu advises young Indian diasporas in the United States to connect to their roots and culture by visiting historic sites and learning about Indian success stories in areas such as IT. Did.

Sandhu met with members of the United States World Union Grunanak Foundation (WUGNF) in New Delhi to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Sadbhavna Diwas and Guru Teg Bahadur at a meeting on July 22nd. I made a suggestion. ..

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Members of the delegation expressed deep appreciation for Sandu’s extraordinary work to promote US-India relations, he was proud of all Sikhs, and all Indians with their efforts. He said it represents what can be achieved through abilities.

Sandhu expressed the importance of an education and knowledge partnership in bilateral relations between India and the United States and recalled the work done by great Sikh leaders in promoting education in India.

The ambassador said he was looking forward to the young people of India’s diaspora being connected to their roots and culture and suggested visiting historic and religious places such as the Golden Temple.

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They should also visit places such as Hyderabad and Bangalore where young diasporas can learn about Indian success stories in the IT department and he said the embassy would be on their trip and a safe stay in India. He said he promised as much support as possible.

This will open their eyes and reveal to them the reality of the negative publicity being carried out by a handful of anti-Indian elements supported by unrealistic forces, Sandhu said. ..

Sandhu also suggested that Gurdawaras could work with the embassy to assist in consular services such as filling out applications and understanding rules, regulations and procedures.

He said that many people from Punjab have a hard time filling out forms and understanding the languages ​​and other basics needed in the new country. Such service in the true spirit of the Sikh tradition will be of great help to the diaspora.

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Gourdawaras can have a computer and office space to help everyone, especially new immigrants, while attending Seva (service) and Langer (community meal).

Dr. Surinder Singh, General Secretary of WUGNF, has pledged to support India’s diaspora and support these initiatives to expose outrageous forces targeting India.

Recalling the meeting with Modi, WUGNF President Guru Charan Singh said the Prime Minister had called the Sikh tradition a living example of “Ekbarrat, Schlestabarat.” A spirit of courage, strength and diligence.

Modi recalled that the Sikh gurus spent their lives uniting the country, leaving traces throughout India, from Gujarat to Bihar, Shin added.

“Indian history is incomplete without mentioning the contributions of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and Sikhs are fighting the tragedy of Britain and Jarianwara Bug,” Modi said in the spirit of Sikh service and business. I said it in honor.

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He said India’s heightening made the diaspora the most proud and opened up a new perspective for them, as the world sees them more respectfully.

Gurcharan Singh said he requested Modi to open Sadbhavna centers in each country to close all communities. This allows them to celebrate Indian festivals and strengthen their language, culture, traditions and rituals.

The delegation included WUGNF Chair Amar Malhi and a visiting Indian businessman Amajit Singh from Delhi.