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"If I'm the Boston Celtics, I'm drawing a line to that guy."

Brian Scalabrine believes the Boston Celtics should not include Marcus Smart in a potential trade deal with Kevin Durant.

Rumor has it that the Celtics provided Brooklyn Nets with Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, and draft topics. Nets declined the offer and made a counter-proposal to include a smart, another rotation player, draft topic.

Nets and Celtics participated in Kevin Durant’s trade talks. @ShamsCharaniaBoston reportedly provided draft topics for Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and Durant, but Nets also wanted to increase Marcus Smart, draft topics and another rotation player https: / /

The inclusion of smarts in potential transactions has been heavily debated in the media. Scarabrine believes that the dominant DPOY value for the Celtics makes him an unruly candidate in trade. Here’s what Scalabrine said about this at Sirius XMNBA Radio:

“If I’m the Boston Celtics, I’m drawing a line to that guy. No way! Many want to sit there (and say) He’s biased towards people, but biased towards me Not on the defensive side of the floor. “

He added:

“I don’t think the people here understand how valuable he is defensively. I think fans understand that, but they speak out here like a radio. I don’t think anyone is. I don’t think the people here or the people on the TV understand how valuable it is to the NBA today.

“If I’m the Boston Celtics, I’m drawing a line at [Marcus Smart].. “@Scalabrine To tell @TheFrankIsola Why didn’t he include the 2022 Defensive Player of the Year in his deal with Kevin Durant?

Sticking to Marcus Smart makes the most sense for the Boston Celtics than dealing with Kevin Durant

Marcus Smart is one of the NBA’s top defensive players and is the current defensive player of the year. He can defend all positions and becoming a vocal leader on the defensive side of the floor is essential to the team’s setup.

The Boston Celtics, who took part in the NBA Finals with a defensive identity, know it best.

Marcus Smart took the command # Celtics Defending in Game 1 🗣️ Check here for the moment when he and Ime Udoka’s mic went up ⬇️ @ smart_MS3

Smart helped the team move to a legitimate candidate during the last campaign. He also stepped up aggressively as needed, especially during the playoffs.

The Celtics are at risk of losing Jaylen Brown’s All-Star caliber player to land Kevin Durant. Breaking up with Smart in a potential deal can significantly hinder their playing style in the next campaign.

defense. IQ. Leadership ability. #KiaDPOYsThese are just a few of the similarities between Marcus Smart and Draymond Green. Watch the eerie similar play of Smart & Green after being compared earlier today!

There aren’t many players on the market who can recreate what Marcus Smart is doing on the basketball court.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant, 34, has suffered several injuries since returning to action in December 2020 after tearing his Achilles tendon in the 2019 final.

Durant is still deadly when on the court, but Boston jeopardizes the depth and strong defenses of the team when smart is included in potential deals.