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"I just say what I say"

Joy Behar refuses to live in a cancel culture.

The 79-year-old co-host of The View, in a recent profile in Time magazine, was frank about why he didn’t believe in canceling others.

The controversial talk show host pointed out that her comments were never intended to hurt people.

“I think the answer to this overall idea of ​​canceling what people say is,’What was your intention?'” She said.

“Everything I was having trouble with wasn’t intentional. I just say what I say,” continued a New Yorker.

Behar added: I’m their favorite target at Breitbart and Fox. “

Speaking of cancellations, comedians also mentioned that they left “The View” a bit in 2013.

“I’m glad I was fired,” Behar recalled. “I was basically fed up with the show for some reason at that point. I don’t even remember why.”

Ramin Setode, co-editor of Variety magazine, who wrote the book “Ladies Who Punch,” told Time that Elizabeth Hasselbeck had also been released from the show at the time.

Joybeher and former co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck were released from the show in 2013, but only Beher is back.

Setude said Behar seemed indifferent to the exit while Hasselbeck, 45, was crying about her firing.

Longtime co-host Sunny Hostin also spoke with Behar in time, revealing that her colleague “has no grudges.”

“I think it’s because I don’t remember what happened the day before,” said a 53-year-old lawyer.

Behar’s co-anchor often urges her about recent insults against her, but she just dusts it off her shoulders. “That’s how she was able to deal with this show. She leaves it on the table and moves to another day,” Hostin said.

The comedian will turn 80 in October, but has no intention of retiring from “The View.”
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Behar also hinted that he might be ready to sign off soon. As she celebrates her 80th birthday this fall, “it’s like overtime now.”

“I don’t have to work. I don’t have to be on TV. I don’t need a microphone. They want to give it to me, I take it,” she said.

Panelist officials shot down rumors that she retired from “The View” to The Post earlier this month.

Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin
Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin share a laugh at the 2018 “The View” taping.
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“Fake News,” her representative said on July 5, noting that Behar had signed another three-year contract with ABC. Her new contract will keep her until at least 2025.

The author of “The Great Gas Bag: AZ Research Guide to Surviving Trump World” interviewed her about ectopic pregnancy early in her career and how that experience made it possible to enter the comedy. I became personal inside.

She explained that the situation looked into her life, which eventually prompted her to take her to the stage. She embarked on a stand-up comedy career in her early 1980s after divorcing her ex-husband Joseph Beher.

“You have power when you have that mic. People don’t like it. They hate me being a powerful person in’The View’,” Behar said. rice field.
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She states: “Stand-up comedy was a particularly suicidal profession, especially for women at the time. I got lost in a jersey turnpike for a $ 100 drive to the gut of New Jersey. Become.”

Despite the ups and downs of Behar’s career, her experience in comedy teaches her how to deal with others who hate her and how to keep moving forward if certain jokes aren’t registered with the viewer. I did.

“When you have that mic, you have the power,” she said. “People don’t like it. They hate that I’m a strong person in” The View “… I was a strong comedian with a mic. Unfortunate. “