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How to take a hunter education class or enroll in a trial hunting program in Utah

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Salt Lake City — If you are interested in trying hunting for the first time this fall or winter, or if you want to learn how to use traps, you should consider taking a hunter education class or attending a hunter education class. there is. Trial hunting program. If you’ve never taken a hunter education or fur harvester course, don’t worry, it’s not too late. But don’t postpone, as the class will fill up quickly!

January and February are the most popular months for hunter education courses, so people can apply for big game hunting draws. The next busiest months are July and August, just before the big-game hunting in the fall general season.

To hunt in Utah, anyone born after December 31, 1965 must complete a state-provided hunter education class or participate in a trial hunting program. Here’s what you need to know to register for either:

How to take a hunter education course

You have the option of taking face-to-face field day after taking a traditional face-to-face class or online course led by an instructor. Both options include a final written exam and a “field day” with hands-on skill demonstrations and a final live-fire exercise.

In the online course, you will learn about firearm safety, hunter responsibilities and ethics. It can be taken at your own pace. The online course costs $ 25 and can be registered on the Utah Hunter Education web page.

“If you have young children taking the course, sitting with them and discussing the course’s materials will help them understand what they are learning,” said Hunter Education Program Manager, Utah. One RaLynne Takeda said. Wildlife resources said. “Children can take courses at their own speed and can go back and check the materials as often as they like.”

The instructor will provide additional details regarding Field Day after enrolling in the Online Hunter Education Course. Print your certificate of completion when you have completed the online part of the course. You can then purchase a Hunter Education Registration Certificate online. The certificate costs $ 10 and is required before Field Day.

Trial hunting program

Utah’s trial hunting program is another way to enter the field this fall. This program gives you the opportunity to hunt with experienced hunters to see if that’s what you want to pursue. You do not need to have a hunter education to participate in this program.

You must be at least 12 years old to participate in the program. Must be accompanied by a licensed hunter over the age of 21. To participate, you must complete a simple online orientation course on the DWR website. You also need to purchase a hunting license and a permit for the species you want to hunt. The program qualifies for the following licenses and permits:

  • Combination or hunting license (suitable for hunting high altitude games and all small games including waterfowl)

  • General season deer and elk permit

  • Hunting of bears, cougars, great sage-grooves, sandhill cranes, sharp-tailed groves, swans and turkeys is permitted

For more information on the program, please visit the DWR website.

“Both are great ways to start hunting. Hunting not only gives you fresh, locally-grown meat, but also provides a unique opportunity to go outdoors and make memories with your family,” says Takeda. Mr. says. “Hunting is also an important tool for managing healthy wildlife populations.”

How to take a fur harvester education course

To capture wildlife in Utah, anyone born after December 31, 1984 must complete a state-provided Far Harvester education course. The Far Harvester Education Course describes the following steps:

  • Safe and responsible ethical trapping method

  • How to use the trapping device

  • Capture methods, capture ethics, techniques to safely release non-target animals

  • Firearm safety

  • Wildlife management

  • Proper catch handling

First, purchase a registration certificate before taking the online course. The registration certificate is $ 6 and can be purchased online from the DWR office or available licensing agents. Then take an online course and exam. The next step is to find an athletic meet directly in your area and register on the DWR website. An online course completion document must be presented when attending a field day exercise.