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How Bilingual Education at German International School Chicago Builds Student Success

Students at German International School Chicago (GISC) learn more than a second language. A bilingual education prepares students for their future roles as prosperous, creative and responsible global citizens.

GISC’s mission is to provide students with bilingual education in a personalized and supportive learning environment. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School for her 8th grade pre-kindergarten, GISC is proud to offer its students a world-class education. This is all part of what the school’s director, Benjamin Hebebrand, calls his GISC’s 3+1 value proposition.

“We start in preschool, immersing our students in everyday German and continuing through eighth grade. Students have English classes every day, but everything else is in German,” he says. , says German-born Hebebrand. “We do this because we believe bilingualism (the first of the 3+1 core values) fosters cognitive development and gives the student a perspective to compare and contrast two languages ​​and cultures. It’s from.”

The second point is to educate students to become advanced global citizens. This extends beyond language, stating that “expanding your cultural horizons is definitely important. In today’s world, students need to be adept at understanding cultures beyond their own.” we believe.”

Numerous studies have shown that growing bilingual benefits students in many ways, including enriching and enhancing their spiritual development and increasing career and educational opportunities.

“This brings us to the third point of our value proposition: teaching students to think critically and analytically,” says Hebebrand.

Recognized for quality and rigor

GISC has the dual honor of being an accredited IB World School and fully accredited by the Central State Association of Independent Schools (ISACS), the Midwest’s most acclaimed private school consortium. I have.

The school has already achieved IB membership in the Primary Education Program (PYP) and is currently a candidate for the Institute’s Secondary Education Program (MYP).

“IB fosters student agency,” says Hebebrand. “From an early age, we understand that our students are the most important agents in the development of their own learning. , research the answers to their own questions.”

Photo courtesy of GISC

GISC is able to provide a world-class, personalized learning environment thanks to both our knowledgeable faculty and our low student-to-teacher ratio. There are only about 180 students in her PreK through 8th grade next year.

Hebebrand says GISC students thrive in what he calls a “homey atmosphere,” the “+1” of GISC’s value proposition.

Danica Polanski, Director of Admissions at GISC, says this supportive, family-like environment is essential to providing a solid foundation for student success.

“Our teachers know their students very well,” says Polanski. “They have developed a very meaningful relationship and the students understand that their teachers want them to succeed in their learning. is very important, and that’s why this community is so important to us.”

German International School Chicago is located in Ravenswood.Click here for details