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HOODS: Middle East's First Live Entertainment Shopping Platform

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Hoods Empowers Sellers, together Established and motivated influencers through live interaction with buyers and a simplified click-to-buy process

hood, The Middle East’s first live entertainment shopping platform is seeking a seed funding round to support its expansion plans.

Hoods was founded by Mostafa Hanaf.Me in egypt and Co-founded by Waleed in late 2020 Gull washIncluding Angel Investors from Entertainment, Logistics and Venture Finance Through $350,000 Pre-Seed Funding Round in 2022, and the fintech sectorleads to Release of new version of of of the platform Applications across Apple and play S.Torres.

e-cMENA’s ommerce market is believed to have reached $29 billion. rRevenue in 2021 is projected to double to reach $57 billion by e-commerce subsector is also expected It will make up 14% of that market by 2026 and deliver $8 billion in revenue.

hood debtwrap around P.Artner Mostafa Hanafi Graduated from American University in CairoofIncubator AUC Venture Lab His team said they are creating the first platform in the Middle East to offer e-commerce that integrates entertainment and live broadcasting.

Hanafi I believe Capturing the live e-commerce opportunity requires rethinking the consumer experience.

traditional eIt is clear that the expectations from the younger generation are increasing.,” Noting that the standards of entertainment and interaction are set by the social networking experience, he said, Tik Tok and Instagram.

However, these platforms were not built for e-commerce and lack what consumers have come to expect from online shopping. An instant buying experience and a reliable fulfillment process.

We’ve built a platform that uniquely blends shopping and entertainment in a compelling experience that combines the power of e-commerce with the excitement of live entertainment. be available. door step speed and Even if only slightly troublesome as much as possible he added.

“In addition, HOODS works to support the younger generation on several levels.. We help local brands create professional entertainment content that appeals to digital consumers.It also opens the door for new influencers to communicate directly with brands and become digital sellers., Achieve immediate financial benefits for both parties.this is a Hoods will be the propeller of this new version of digital commerce..

hood codebtunder the weired Gull wash — anyoneserial entrepreneur When debtSubordinate to Code95 and MerQAI “HOODS offers a unique experience for both shoppers and sellers through an easy-to-use and intuitive app. Influencers and brands can set up shops and upload content., Start selling in minutes.

hood The platform is designed to be stable, resilient, and scalable to accommodate ambitious future expansion plans. We work on cutting-edge data analytics and AI engines to provide shoppers with intuitive recommendations and insights., he added.

HOODS conducted a funding round earlier this year, successfully raising $350,000. pIn addition to traditional payment methods, re-seed Fund has helped expand its activities by building a strong technology platform and offering a variety of payment and financing solutions through partnerships.