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History of the American Education System

America is one of the greatest educational capitals in the world. Wealth and enlightenment are always correlated. The history of education in the United States began in her 17th century and continues to the present day.

This article provides a brief and detailed account of the history of public education in the United States. This text is based on actual dates from government and research papers. be interested? Look ahead!

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17th century – starting point

The 17th century was the time when education actually began in the corresponding institutions with the opening of the Boston Latin School. Since the art of tutoring appeared at the beginning of his 11th century, some of the students in the first Boston school were already literate. they could read and write.

You may think that education is not for everyone. First of all, most of the children lived in villages without educational facilities. Furthermore, schools were very expensive and people could not afford such luxuries.

frequent school openings

After that, the government started building educational centers in small towns and large villages.Therefore, each of them can become a student, visit a grammar school, study science, read and write. geometry problem In this way, but today, thanks to these types of services, we can temporarily have trigonometry questions and answers.

And it was sexist. It is natural that women and men have different laws, and men certainly had more laws. Therefore, boys were more likely to receive education than girls. Indeed, the number of universities prevailed.

Religion – the most accessible provider of education

If I had been in a time when my education was taking a twist, I probably would have become a student at a religious college. It is enough to be under faith and ready to devote all (or part) of your life to God. It was therefore accessible to all who wished.

Such education was of high quality, low cost, and even free for some groups of citizens. While traditional schools focused on improving the scientific aspects, church schools focused on family, community, and moral values.

the war changed everything

The 1875 start of the nine-year Revolutionary War has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the history of American education. Most teachers and tutors were mobilized. But during the war knowledge of grammar was very important. Therefore, the rapid production of self-study textbooks began. The ability to master basic science and mathematics was very important, but there were many gaps for soldiers.this period affected The chain of educational development in America.

War intimidated dark whites, so African Americans were admitted to educational institutions as early as 1799. John Chavis was the first black student in the history of public education. Incidentally, he had applied to Lee University and the University of Washington.

Twenty-four years later, Alexander Lucious Twilight was a man of African descent who had a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. Additionally, Mary Jane Patterson was the first African-American female student at Oberling College. It was a leaky moment in the history of American education!

modern position

Over the decades, the diploma of teaching at a US university has become more and more prestige. Below you will find a list of the top educational facilities in the United States. We also mention the name of the world-famous star that we study there!

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List of Top American Universities

Check out our list of top US universities.

  • University of Massachusetts
  • American University in Washington.
  • Princeton University.
  • Harvard.
  • Yale University.

The above are the most famous universities that offer top quality education, but if other universities are not as famous, it does not mean that they are garbage! Proven by world celebrities!

Netflix’s Riverdale star Camila Mendes (Veronica in the series), like her colleague Cole Sprouse, holds a Bachelor’s degree from New York University. Other UCLA alumni include Emily Ratajkowski, Mayim Bialik and Gabriel Union Actris.

From interviews about life you can find out amazing facts and standpoints that happened during their student days. We guarantee.


Since the 1600s, American universities have been world leaders. However, in this article, I have clarified the history of American education. It all started with tutoring, but everything changed when the first school opened in Boston.

It also presented the toll of religion in the emancipation industry. Revolutionaries also modified self-education and calmed the conflict between the two races. Dark skin was then allowed to study.