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Higher Education: Canadian Cannabis Courses and Post-Secondary Programs

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Cannabis-focused post-secondary education programs and courses are offered across Canada, whether you’re interested in applied science, want to specialize in cultivation, or simply want to learn more about your favorite plant.

From BC to Maritimes, there are plenty of professional cannabis education and training opportunities, with programs in quality assurance, science, management, and more. Never too much.

Here are all the latest cannabis programs you can find at tertiary institutions across Canada. Many of the programs offered in 2018 do not have current start dates, but there are still over a dozen programs to choose from.

british columbia

Okanagan College

Okanagan College offers a variety of cannabis training courses on regulatory policy, business opportunities and more through our online learning platform.

Courses include from seed to harvest – cannabis botany and plant science, cannabis marketing in Canada, cannabis law and quality assurance, medical cannabis fundamentals for health professionals, and more. Start dates vary, but many courses begin in his Fall 2022.

Selkirk College

Selkirk College offers several cannabis courses at several different campuses in Kootenay for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the plant and its uses.

Getting Started with Medical Cannabis provides start dates in November 2022 and February 2023, Cannabis Compliance launches in September 2022, promising to give students a hands-on look at license categories and the application process To do.

In other, more hands-on courses, students can learn how to make cannabis salves, infused drinks, or CBD oil.

rocky university

The only course currently offered online by Rocky University is available online. Provides participants with information about cannabis in the workplace and explores disability issues. Upon completing the course, participants receive a certificate from the Red Cross.


mount royal college

Three online cannabis education courses offered by Mount Royal College will launch this September. One concerns quality assurance, another concerns commercial cannabis production, and a third concerns marketing in the retail sector. Their fourth course on retail cannabis management will be offered for the first time this October.

Olds College

Olds College offers a number of cannabis-focused online continuing education courses, with two offerings in Fall 2022. Cannabis/Hemp Industry Extraction and Refining teaches students about cannabis oil extraction with a focus on CO2 extraction. The university also offers courses on quality assurance.

noquest college

NorQuest College in Edmonton offers both online and onsite courses, including courses in cannabis trimming and production, and hemp processing and products courses. Medical professionals interested in learning more about the medical applications of cannabis can apply for an introductory-level course starting in October.

Elevated Learning Academy

The institution offers a virtual four-month Cannabis and Health Professional Diploma Program, with a curriculum beginning in October covering history, the cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system, cannabis law, and more .


University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan Prairie Horticulture Certificate now includes a cannabis crop production course covering breeding, genetics and harvest criteria, among other valuable pot skills. All courses, work and exams is online.


Red River College

Following federal cannabis legalization in 2018, Red River College Polytechnic offered 101 cannabis courses covering cannabis policy, plant botany and genetics, the commercial industry, and medical uses. This course is not currently offered to students.

Assiniboine Community College

While not currently accepting new students, Assiniboine Community College has partnered with Durham College on the Cannabis Industry Specialization micro-program for students to learn industry fundamentals such as production control, product testing and tracking.


niagara college

Niagara College’s Niagara-on-the-Lake campus offers a one-year commercial cannabis production program onsite, where students take courses in crop methods, cannabis biology and evolution, plant pathology, business software applications, and more. is taking The certificate program is currently accepting applications for September enrollment.

Loyalist College

Loyalist College in Belleville offers a one-year Cannabis Applied Science certificate program to help students learn about product development, process optimization, product quality and safety.

If you’re interested in becoming a formulation chemist, process engineer, or quality assurance manager, this program is for you. Starting this September.

Durham University

As part of the Cannabis Industry Specialization Program, Durham College offers a series of nine courses, including Cannabis Ethics and Law, Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals, and Cannabis Import and Export. All courses are offered online and the program he can complete in less than a year.

Seneca College

Through Seneca University’s Cannabis Industry Studies Certificate Program, offered online, students take foundational courses in cannabis fundamentals, law and ethics, health and wellness, and elective courses in retail and wholesale operations, human resources, and healthcare. Yes, you can. Interested students can learn more about the program at the online information session on September 6th.

NACPT (North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology) Pharma College

NACPT offers a variety of cannabis-focused courses and programs, including a nine-month industrial hemp production techniques program, a nine-month quality control and quality assurance program, and a course on master grower practices and modern extraction practices. offers. Start dates vary, with some beginning in late August.

AAPS (Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences) College

AAPS, an Ontario-based career college, offers a four-month accredited program in cannabis operations, quality and food, including courses in regulation, cultivation techniques, plant health, clinical concepts and retail management. increase. The entire program is delivered online.

Fanshaw University

Offered at the University’s London campus, Fanshawe’s full-time, 30-week cannabis applied science program includes courses in analytical chemistry laboratory techniques, cannabis chemistry, microbiology and science communication. Interested students can apply for enrollment in September 2022 or January 2023.

Centennial College

Centennial College in Scarborough offers different levels of education for those who want to learn more about cannabis cultivation. A three-week “microcredential” course called Growing Cannabis at Home provides an introduction, while the Cannabis Growing and Processing Program goes deeper, with six part-time courses on regulation, theory and product formulation.


McGill University

Unfortunately, McGill no longer offers a commercial cannabis diploma covering plant science and genetics, product design, ethics, and an industry internship program.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Community College

Delivered directly at Kentville’s Kingstec campus, Nova Scotia Community College’s cannabis cultivation certificate program includes courses in commercial growing practices, horticulture, quality assurance, and industry relations. The next session he will start in September, but there is now a waiting list.


academy canada

While not specific to cannabis, Academy Canada’s latest Diploma Program in Greenhouse Production is a worthy addition to this list. Licensed producer Atlantic Cultivation also endorses the program.

Other institutions that have offered cannabis courses and educational programs in the past but are not currently enrolling students include Coast Mountain College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University in BC, Assiniboine Community College in Manitoba, and McMaster University in Ontario. and College Boreal, and McGill University in Quebec. .

Want to see your institution’s courses on this list? Email the editor